BTS album 'Proof' BTS album 'Proof'

BTS reveals exclusive tracklist for physical CD #3 of the album 'Proof'

"Proof", the new album of BTS will be here on June 10th. The CD #3 has exclusive songs for the physical version.

Are you ready for the new music of BTS? The K-Pop sensation is coming back with a massive album. "Proof" is a special project that compiles the best of Bangtan's career. Since the Idols will be celebrating ten years in the music industry, it makes sense that it will include too many great songs.

It will be divided into three CDs. The first one has almost all the title singles of BTS that rocked the world. DNA, ON, Butter and many more. For the second CD we can see that the members focus on collecting the best solo songs of their career. We will listen to Jin's Moon or Jungkook's Euphoria on this CD.

At the same time the Idols will be dropping three new songs. The first single "Yet To Come" will be available on the CD #1. ARMY is really excited to listen to the new song of CD #2 "Run BTS", it was produced by the rap line and Jungkook.

BTS members / By @BTS_jp_official

Finally we got the third tracklist! Do you want to know all the surprises in this CD?

BTS is dropping various demo version in the third CD of "Proof"

On May 10th the BTS official Twitter account revealed the tracklist for the CD #3 of the upcoming  album "Proof". The first song is a demo version of Jump. Here we can find that almost all the tracks are the demo version of some famous songs of the group.

Tracklist for CD #3 of 'Proof' / By @BIGHIT_MUSIC

In the credits we find the names of BTS members on every single track. Unfortunately all of them -except for one- will be exclusive of the physical CD.

At least the new song "For Youth" will be available in all the digital versions and on the streaming platforms. This track was made by RM, J-Hope, Suga, Slow Rabbit, 'hitman' bang and some other producers.

Are you looking forward to some of these songs? We are really curious about the demo version of DNA.

Not long ago,V gave a small spoiler about BTS recalling their demo tracks. Read this article to find out what he did.

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