BTS behind Yet To Come BTS behind Yet To Come

BTS reveals everything we didn't see about Yet To Come, here's how its MV was filmed

BTS showed all the secrets you didn't see in the 'Yet To Come' MV, how was its recording?

How was BTS's 'Yet To Come' MV recorded? The idol group revealed behind the scenes of this amazing music video.

BTS' comeback with 'Proof' is being a success, ARMY waited a long time for the idol group's new music since they hadn't had any releases in Korean lately. And although we love all BTS singles in English, we also needed that original essence that conquered us in their tracks.

'Yet To Come' is the song that was chosen as the title track, in its lyrics it promises us that the future of Bangtan Sonyeondan will be even better than its history and the idols' voices sound wonderful on this track. Rap is also on point, Bangtan definitely shined with this new song.

Obviously, 'Yet To Come' has its official MV to which ARMY has been doing a lot of streaming, in its first 24 hours it almost reached 50 million views and today it already has 97 million. OMG! We really love this Bangtan Boys music video as it has a lot of references to previous boy band videos.

What was it like for BTS filming the 'Yet To Come' MV? The idol group revealed behind the scenes of their music video and this is how they spent their recordings.

BTS shows the behind the scenes of Yet To Come, how did they film this MV?

The idols of BTS were in a desert in Las Vegas to film 'Yet To Come' and basically had to endure the sand and a merciless wind but in the end both elements of nature gave a special touch to their music video. They had a lot of fun together while filming the video and also told a little more about the concept and the story behind the MV.

So now you know that Yet To Come was recorded in the United States, OMG, no wonder their Proof Live Performance also featured an American artist, wow! it's great!

Taehyung knows the struggle of being in the desert now

In the behind the scenes of 'Yet To Come', we saw Taehyung a bit angry because he was fighting against a sandstorm, he really felt bad. And he also explained how he felt being there. Perhaps life in the desert is not for V.

Taehyung vs the sand | Twitter: @Jekeeey2

Well, each member of BTS had a different experience filming in the desert, but it was fun, right? Besides that they achieved a beautiful MV thanks to this.

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