BTS' Yet To Come BTS' Yet To Come

BTS reveals Yet To Come, this will be the first single from Proof

BTS and Proof will enchant ARMY once again and the first single from the group's next album will be Yet To Come

BTS has everything ready for their next comeback, 'Proof' is already on presale and the idol group reveals more about it with 'Yet To Come', the first single that we'll get to listen to from their nect album.

BTS has been concentrating more on their English songs than on a comeback like in the old days. But the fans' wait is over now that the idol group announced a new album with 3 new songs that have the world in anticipation of this upcoming release.

'Proof' is the name that the next album that Bangtan Sonyeondan will release. It is an anthology album that will have many tracks from the idol group's past as well as 3 new songs with which they will conquer all their fans once again. This new album will have 2 versions that are already on pre-sale.

Finally, after the long wait we will have new music from Bangtan and it is not only about those promised 3 new songs, it is also about the anthology that 'Proof' will represent because there could be remixes, new versions and studio versions of songs that they had previously been released only as a mixtape or live.

So ARMY is more than excited for BTS upcoming comeback and the idol group has also announced what the first single from 'Proof' will be, we can't wait to hear 'Yet To Come'.

BTS' Yet To Come will be Proof's lead single, when will it be released?

BTS released the name and cover of the lead single for 'Proof', it's 'Yet To Come' which will be released at the same time as the full album, on June 10, 2022. So just wait more. This song will have an official MV and more teasers before its release.

Yet To Come from BTS | Twitter: @BIGHIT_MUSIC

The excitement for this BTS comeback is growing more and more and we can't wait for more previews and the big premiere of 'Yet To Come' will surely be phenomenal.

 ARMY celebrates BTS' HYYH era is back with Proof

You must have noticed that on the cover of 'Yet To Come' we also find '(The Most Beautiful Moment)', which is a sign that the HYYH era of BTS is back. This refers to the idol group's trilogy of albums 'The Most Beautiful Moment in Life' consisting of 'I Need U', 'Prologue', 'RUN' and 'Epilogue: Young Forever', with its videos that recreate a tragic youth.

Yet To Come joins HYYH era | Twitter: @BTS21_2019

This also gives fans hope to hear a new version of the songs found on one of the albums that make up BTS's HYYH Era. So all that remains is to mark the dates on our calendar and wait patiently for Bangtan's imminent comeback.

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