BTS is heading back to Korea BTS is heading back to Korea

BTS returns to Korea, this is how they said goodbye to Las Vegas

All the members of BTS, except for RM, are back in Korea and will start working on their comeback, how did they say goodbye to the US?

After the successful concerts of BTS in Las Vegas, the idol group is heading back to Korea and they'll start working on their new music.

BTS is the most popular K-Pop group of the moment, this idol group has taken the music industry internationally and now it shines everywhere they go. We're sure that there's no place where Bangtan won't sold out concert tickets, they have fans all over the planet.

And that's why Bangtan Sonyeondan kept traveling outside Korea to please their fans with concerts, evebn if pandemic stoped this kind of events now they're back and Permission To Dance On Stage Tour hit some cities in the US and South Korea.

ARMY was so happy to see the Bangtan Boys live once again after the long wait, or even if it was for the first time since the number of BTS fans has been growing tduring this last couple of years. So it was good to see them in Las Vegas with the last 4 concert dates they had there.

But now it's time to go back to Korea since they have to work hard for their next comeback, BTS said goodbye to Las Vegas and now is heading home once again.

BTS will miss Las Vegas but it's their time to return to Korea, this is how they took their flights

According to the information all of the BTS members, except for RM, completed their scheduled activities in the US, so Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook took their flight to return to Korea. The idols showed that they'll miss Las Vegas and posted a lot of pictures saying goodbye to America.

BTS shared their memories in Las Vegas to say goodbye | Twitter: @mikro_ondas

BTS had a lot of fun in Las Vegas, they shared amazing moments with ARMY during their concerts and they also had great moments with other artists in the Grammy Awards, so it was a cool trip full of great moments.

ARMY wishes BTS have a safe flight

Through Twitter, ARMY is trending the phrase 'Have a safe flight BTS' sending the best messages to the idols during his flight back to Korea, the fandom wants them to arrive safe and sound.

ARMY wishes BTS to have a safe flight | Twitter: @JKJMgcft1108

ARMY is pretty excited because BTS will start working on it comeback as soon as they get to Korea, so we will have more music from the idol group.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, here we tell you which emoji represents each one of these idols of the group.

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