BTS' modiies its Twitter account because of ARMY BTS' modiies its Twitter account because of ARMY

BTS returns their Twitter account to normal with recommendations from a fan

BTS listens very well to ARMY and a fan decided to recommend something for their Twitter profile and this is what happened

We are not lying when we say that ARMY's love for BTS is reciprocated and now that we see the idol group's Twitter account return to normal after Taehyung took it over, it is great proof of that.

BTS has a simply gigantic fandom and it's hard to believe that the idol group is looking out for their fans for the same reason. But the truth is that the members of this K-Pop group usually take the time to interact with their followers from time to time.

Through social networks it is easier to interact with the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan. Through Weverse, for example, a special platform for HYBE artists where fans can leave them letters that often have responses from idols and it's just great.

Before Weverse, Bangtan used to use Twitter a lot and since December, the boy band members have been active on Instagram. Even Jungkook has taken the time to do question and answer sessions with ARMY, answering more than 100 fans for all the requests received.

But going back to Twitter, this time BTS heard the voice of ARMY again, the group's account had been taken over by Taehyung who modified the entire profile, but today it was completely Bangtan again and with a special recommendation from a fan.

ARMY recommends photos to BTS for their Twitter profile and surprisingly the group uses them

Yesterday, after Taehyung took over BTS' account on Twitter and made it his own, ARMY recommended a couple of new photos to Bangtan that would look great for them as profile headers. User @nessapjm on Twitter told them which photos would look good. What was them surprise when they realized that Bangtan had actually used the photos that they recommended?

ARMY recommended these photos for BTS' Twitter profile | Twitter: @nessapjm

This is how BTS's profile looks now with the photos that their fan recommended to them, isn't it amazing? Someone had to see the exact Tweet, as both photos were used for the idol group's account. 

BTS' Twitter account now | Twitter: @BTS_twt

ARMY theorizes that it was RM who saw the Tweet and modified the account

Previously, RM confessed that he saw a lot of what ARMY published, such as memes or posts and that even his close friends told him what they saw on social networks about him and BTS. Well, because Namjoon keeps an eye on his fans, ARMY is thinking that he was actually the one who saw the Tweet and modified the account with his fan's recommendations.

Was Namjoon the one modifying BTS' Twitter account? | Twitter: @annisaylfd

BTS is always very aware of ARMY, so it is not surprising that this has happened, can you imagine that idols read your Tweets about them? It would be great!

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, like Jungkook, who is now free from COVID-19 and he'll be with his bandmates at 2022 Grammys. 

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