BTS on SpotifyPurpleU BTS on SpotifyPurpleU

BTS reminisces some parts of their history on SpotifyPurpleU

To promote their comeback with 'Proof', BTS is doing something with Spotify and this time they remembered some moments in their history

The world is ready to listen to BTS's 'Proof', and this comeback has brought big surprises for ARMY like the 'SpotifyPurpleU' project where Bangtan is remembering the most important moments in their history.

Soon we will be able to hear new music from BTS with 'Proof', the idol group will finally have their long-awaited comeback and 3 new songs for their fans and the whole world. This upcoming anthology will also take us on an adventure back in time, as through the group's songs we will be able to relive parts of their history.

For its comeback, Bangtan Sonyeondan has given us many previews, teasers, photos and so on that generate more anticipation for 'Proof'. The boy band is also collaborating with Spotify on a special project that will lead us to know more about this new album through the group members themselves.

'SpotifyPurpleU' is a great space in which the Bangtan Boys will be able to talk a lot more about 'Proof', its meaning and more behind this upcoming comeback that ARMY is eager to hear. There is a lot that the idol group will tell through this anthology and the world has eyes and ears on the idols.

This time, BTS recalls some parts of their history, from their debut to the 'Butter' era, what do the idols reminisce about that time and those songs? Here we will tell you all about it.

BTS has the best memories from their debut to the Butter era on SpotifyPurpleU

BTS went through their history from their debut to last year when they released their latest single 'Butter'. The idol group went through eras of moments they had, words they would say to each other or something they would change. There are many experiences that they shared and recalled with their own songs that belonged to each era.

Definitely the BTS idols' point of view is great, as we as fans live a part of the story, but they have one more little piece they can share with ARMY.

SpotifyPurpleU paints the world purple for BTS

To promote SpotifyPurpleU, Spotify placed some ads in different parts of the world. These are obviously purple as it is the official color of BTS, so the world is painted in purple thanks to the idol group and the platform that are working on this project.

SpotifyPurpleU in different countries | Twitter: @SpotifyKpop

This project is great, don't you think? BTS and Spotify are doing a great job to further promote 'Proof' and there is only one more day left to listen to this new album, how exciting!

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, here we have the teaser for 'Yet To Come', the title track for 'Proof'. 

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