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BTS' remarkable musical journey from 'Dark & Wild' to 'BE'!

BTS’ 7-year-old musical journey has been a learning experience for both; the boys and their fans. With numerous singles and albums, BTS has made their way into the hearts of their admirers. Read below to see how the themes of their music have evolved over the year, starting from their first album, Dark & Wild, to their latest, BE!

  • The k-pop band, BTS, made its musical debut in 2013. 
  • Comprising of seven members, the estimated net worth of the band is $450 million. 
  • BTS has released nine studio albums, eleven compilation albums, two reissues, and three single albums over seven years. 
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Dark & Wild

BTS' first studio album cover, Dark & Wild. Source: Getty Images

Let us travel back in time to 2014, the year when BTS released their first studio album, Dark & Wild. You have got a couple of young boys on one side and the hip-hop music genre on the other, obviously the results are going to be dark and wild. The album talks about love, relationships, heartbreak, anger, and all sorts of emotions. Ah! Young love! 

Concept photo for Dark & Wild. Source: redbubble


BTS' second studio album cover, Wings. Source: redbubble

Fast forward to 2016, the boys release their second album, titled 'Wings'. As Little Mix once sang, 'these wings are made to fly', the boys talk about personal growth in this album. For someone who grows up in the spotlight, it is truly a journey for them to explore their opportunities and learn about themselves! 

The boys posing for a photoshoot for their album, Wings. Source: ebay

Love Yourself: Tear

Album cover of BTS' third studio album, Love Yourself: Tear. Source: redbubble

BTS’ third studio album, Love Yourself: Tear, was released in 2018. The album explores the pain of separation after being a victim of fake love. It is only after putting yourself first and loving yourself; you understand the meaning of true love. It is exciting to see that the theme of their music evolved from loving others to self-appreciation. 

The Bangtan Boys posing for the concept photos of Love Yourself: Tear. Source: redbubble

Map of the Soul: 7

Map of the Soul:7's album cover. Source: ebay

This album celebrates the individuality of the V, Jin, J-hope, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga, and RM. The solo songs by the singers in 2020 tell us personal stories about them. From their hope and dreams to their struggles, the boys open up to their fans in this album. This album separates them from fame, making them more relatable and even more lovable. 

BTS boys having fun during the photoshoot for the album's concept pictures.


BTS shared this post to inform the Army about the release of their new album.

As if one album was not enough for this year, BTS graced us with their fifth studio album, BE. The Bangtan Boys realized the current situation of the world, and this album serves as a reminder to us that we are not alone during these trying times. The band expressed their love for their fans via their music and let us know how they kept themselves motivated throughout the year!

BTS' album BE concept photo.

From talking about the cliche concept of love to discovering themselves and helping their fans grow with them, BTS’ music has evolved in the right direction. The boys are now mature and responsible adults who are making this world better for their fans. Which of these albums is your favorite? 

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