BTS releases 'Hotter' version of their new song 'Butter' BTS releases 'Hotter' version of their new song 'Butter'

BTS 'Hotter' song remix of 'Butter' is already a marketing success

BTS' Butter has become even hotter now as if it were not before! Well, the K-pop band has released a remix version of their second English single as 'Hotter Remix' on May 28th, 2021. Fans are expressing their euphoria over it by trending '#ButterHotterRemix' on number one at Twitter, worldwide. More than 300k tweets have been made by the BTS Army within a matter of just ten minutes! So what are you waiting for, scroll down to know more about it!

  • BTS came back with their second English song, 'Butter', on May 21st, 2021 and after a week, they have released the remix version of it.
  • 'Butter' broke all the records including the most viewed song in 24-hours on YouTube's history with more than 108 million views.
  • Unlike the original video of the song, the remix video shows the cute side of the members.
BTS at 'Butter' Press Conference

The K-pop band has gifted the 'Butter' enthusiasts another big treat by releasing the 'Hotter Remix' version of the song. However, it is not as 'hot' as you think it is! The music video of the song shows the boys singing and vibing to the song while showing their chaotic yet cute expressions. And what can be hotter than that?

BTS posing for the camera

As much as we enjoyed V's changing expressions in the close-up, we couldn't stop laughing at Jimin falling from the chair behind. Similarly, Jin's aggressive singing also made us laugh out loud. But, on the whole, it was an adorable music video which showed the cute charms of BTS. Let's see what fans have to say about it! 

Fan's tweet

It's a treat to watch. We loved seeing the members doing freestyle dancing and showing their excitement for the song. And just like the tweet, we are confused if it was hotter, cooler or sweeter?

Fan's tweet

Rightly said! BTS really confused us with this comeback. The members flexing over their good looks and cool vibe is what we really needed!

Fan's tweet

This is identical! Well, Suga's happy moves in the video reminded us of 'Dynamite' where we saw the boys playing around the set with each other!  

Fan's tweet

Fans are asking the right questions. We just want a clarification on this because the cuteness was overloaded in this release!

Share your thoughts on this with us in the comments below and check out the 'Hotter Remix' take of BTS on 'Butter'!

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