BTS for 'Permission to Dance' photoshoot 2021

BTS' 'Permission to Dance' teaser's reaction: first time watching

BTS is back with another amazing concept and song, 'Permission to Dance'. They dropped the trailer of the song on July 6th, 2021, three days before the actual release. At this, the fans are showing their love for the trailer by trending 'Permission to Dance' on number one worldwide at Twitter. This will be their third English single and a B-side track to the group's second English song, 'Butter'. Dressed up as cowboys in denims, all the members show off their charms in the sunny weather. Watch the video redaction, below! 

  • 'Permission to Dance' will be released on July 9th, 2021 at 12am ET.
  • This will be the group's third English single, following 'Dynamite' and 'Butter'.
  • 'Butter' by BTS has topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart six times in a row since its debut.

The music teaser starts off with Suga reading a newspaper which has some interesting headlines on it such as,

BTS at the beach for 'Permission to Dance' photoshoot 2021

Our Life Goes On

The beginning of new era, goodbye Covid-19

Purple balloons signal the end of Covid-19

This shows that after a long social distancing era of Covid-19, the world is getting back to being normal. Can't wait for this pandemic to get over completely! Do you want it too? 

BTS at the carwash for 'Permission to Dance' photoshoot 2021

Suga is standing by a store which has 'Lavage', 'Laundromat', 'Self/Coin' and 'Ironing service' written on its glass wall. It shows that the members own a cleaning space that matches with the car wash concept photos dropped by the band.

BTS in criminal style for 'Permission to Dance' photoshoot 2021

This is followed by the members vibing to the music in their cowboy outfits, with a container in the background that says,

Live just like we're Golden

So far, the lyrics that have been revealed yet are 

Because we don't need permission to dance

Well, definitely, BTS needs nobody's permission to dance and rock the world. We love seeing them in a completely different set and attire. The vibe is amazing, and we just can't wait it to drop!

BTS at the carwash for 'Permission to Dance' photoshoot 2021

Have you checked out the teaser yet? If not, then check it out below!

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