BTS at the World Expo Busan Appointment Ceremony BTS at the World Expo Busan Appointment Ceremony

BTS receives the Honorary Ambassador title of the World Expo Busan 2030, RM talks about the concert

BTS is joining forces with Busan to get the World Expo 2030. Here's everything about the appointment ceremony.

Usually, pop stars have sporadic encounters with the political sphere. Well, that is not the BTS case. We have seen the biggest boy group attending events at the United Nations or the Withe House.

Of course, these talented artists have been working with Korean public organizations for the benefit of the country. Bangtan is without any doubt the biggest music act of the Hallyu wave, and one of the most relevant all over the world.

BTS as World Expo Busan 2030 ambassador / Twitter @bts_bighit

We are talking about powerful gentlemen that are using their massive popularity to spread Korean culture. They have a new project that follows this assignment. BTS is the ambassador of the World Expo Busan 2030. This is what happened during the appointment ceremony.

BTS talks about its activities to promote the World Expo Busan 2030

In order to promote the Busan nomination to hold the World Expo Busan 2030, BTS is joining the campaign. This city is the hometown of Jimin and Jungkook, now, the entire group is receiving the Honorary Ambassador title.

BTS at the Appointment Ceremony / Twitter @Thewings_Media

The appointment ceremony took place on July 19th (KST). As usual, the leader RM prepared a short but perfect speech. The Idol expressed their gratitude and honor for the title. They will be working hard to support the Expo in Busan.

Starting with the global concert in Busan set for October, we will strive earnestly to support the bedding and contribute to spreading Korean's beautiful culture to the world.

RM speech at the Appointment Ceremony / Twitter @btsargento

The good-looking members received the title from the hands of the Expo Busan committee. As usual, all of them look pretty happy to participate in the event.

BTS member receiving the Ambassador title / Twitter @LoreleyTelles

According to previous information, BTS will be offering many other activities in collaboration with Busan. We are waiting for more details about the global concert. ARMY is suspecting it could be an online show. Congratulation to the members on the new project!

Have you watched the new teaser for "In The Soop: Friendcation"? BTS' V was in charge of managing the show!

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