BTS gets a thanks from UNICEF BTS gets a thanks from UNICEF

BTS receives a big thank you from UNICEF for their words against discrimination

BTS visit to the White House continues to have an impact and UNICEF also recognizes the power in the voices of these artists

BTS has a great positive impact in the world thanks to the fact that they have brought messages of awareness to the millions of fans who follow them and that is why UNICEF recognizes the work of the idol group in raising their voices against discrimination.

BTS uses their fame and popularity in a positive way by working on major campaigns with organizations and brands to make humanity aware of various aspects. Previously, Bangtan idols have participated as activists with these important causes.

This is why Bangtan Sonyeondan has become a worthy Korean ambassador to such important organizations as the UN and UNICEF. This idol group works hard on their campaigns to be able to give their best and create a better world for the present and the future.

Also, the Bangtan Boys carry positive messages with their music and actions. These artists have big hearts and are extremely dedicated to consciousness. ARMY have great role models in the stars they idolize and this is great because we know that it is a fairly large and diverse fandom.

This is why UNICEF thanked BTS for the words that the idols gave during their visit to the White House, this was an extremely important fact, not only in K-Pop, but in history as well.

UNICEF thanks BTS for speaking out against discrimination in their visit to the White House

The words Suga said at the press conference during BTS' visit to the White House had a huge influence and stuck with a lot of people, not just fans. Also UNICEF thanked Bangtan for speaking out against discrimination using Yoongi's phrase as an example.

Thank you BTS for speaking up against discrimination and inspiring young people to understand and appreciate difference.

UNICEF used Suga's phrase and thanked BTS | Twitter: @UNICEF

BTS' words have been well received by everyone, isn't that great? The idol group receives appreciation from many organizations because they not only do their job well in music, but also the positive messages they leave for the world.

 The Executive Director of UNICEF is proud that BTS is part of the organization

Catherine Russell who is the Executive Director of UNICEF also posted a Tweet showing that she is proud that BTS is part of the UNICEF family. We love the recognition that the idol group receives as an activist, their impact is really strong and positive.

The UNICEF is also proud of BTS | Twitter: @unicefchief

Congratulations BTS! The group is not only making a mark in music, but also in humanity with its positive messages and important campaigns with UNICEF and governments.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, here we tell you that the idol group is getting ready for its comeback now that they're back in Korea. 

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