BTS received the Presidential Challenge coin from Biden BTS received the Presidential Challenge coin from Biden

BTS received an important badge from Joe Biden on their visit to the White House

BTS met with Joe Biden to share an important message and the idol group also received something special from the US president

The BTS members visited the White House to meet with Joe Biden and talk about discrimination and how to stop Asian Hate in the US, but they also received this very important badge from the president.

The importance of BTS is so great in music that it is already encompassing in many other aspects. The idol group not only works with the top organizations in music. It is also doing it with governments and extremely important organizations.

This is how we saw that Bangtan Sonyeondan has worked with UNICEF, the UN, campaigns in which the idol group works as an ambassador for Korea and conveys messages to all their fans and future generations who can hear the important words they have to say. 

This is also how the Bangtan Boys got to the White House, they met with Joe Biden to talk about issues in the month against Asian Hate. They brought a very important message, not only to Asian-American people, but also to the entire world. In addition to meeting the president of the United States.

And it wasn't just about this, Joe Biden also gave BTS a very special badge, what is it about? Now they have a special recognition from the president of the USA.

BTS received the Presidential Challenge coin from Joe Biden during his visit to the White House

ARMY noticed that in some photos of BTS in their meeting with Joe Biden, the members of the group are holding a small artifact and they soon realized that it is the Presidential Challenge coin. This badge represents quite a few things, organizations, units, and teams. But it is also a symbol of an achievement, anniversary or special event. When this same one was given to the Pope, Joe Biden said that it is given to 'warriors and leaders'.

This is the coin that BTS received from Joe Biden | Twitter: @yoongibrand

These coins are given by the president in a secret handshake, this represents a lot ofr BTS and Korea, we're sure that ARMY is very proud right now.

Joe Biden shared more of his meeting with BTS, they also had a little fun

The meeting of Joe Biden and BTS was not only about super serious matters, the truth is that the president and the boy band also had some fun. Biden even played the Bangtan songs and that caused the idols to laugh, this meeting was really fun.


This meeting of BTS and Joe Biden bore many fruits and ARMY is really proud of the idols for achieving this with a government foreign to that of their country, but of great importance in various aspects.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, here we tell you more about a photo of the idols with H.E.R that caused a little controversy.

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