BTS and Proof BTS and Proof

BTS recalls their experiences together with Proof and its songs

Each song BTS chose for their 'Proof' anthology evokes a different memory for the members

BTS' 'Proof' is not only a reminder of all the songs of the group, but also of the experiences and moments that they lived in each of their releases, what are the memories of the idols through their music?

In 9 years of history, BTS members have had a lot of experiences together. Even before they debuted, back in the days as trainees, when they were just kids with thousands of dreams and goals they wanted to work on and actually fulfill. When they did not know that success would come imminently to their lives.

This is why each Bangtan Sonyeondan song is so special, because it not only reflects the talent that each of the members of the idol group has, but also their little stories, experiences, moments that were once their present and are now in the past, as a part of its complete history.

So through the songs of the Bangtan Boys we can take a look at their history and notice an evolution, changes in everyone, growth and more that was forever reflected in their music and that ARMY has also been able to identify. There are fans who have grown with the group through these 9 years.

Therein also lies the importance of BTS' 'Proof', their next anthology album portraying more than just the K-Pop group's songs.

BTS' Proof takes us into each of the group's memories and experiences through their songs

For Spotify, BTS released special content, in this, the idol group reveals how 'Proof', the group's next anthology, is not only a tour of their discography, but also brings back memories of each era and moment in which they released their different albums. The place where they used to live, when some members graduated and much more are in the experiences of the group and also their next album.

This is how the songs and eras of BTS make the members remember each of the memories that accompany their releases and that is also for ARMY, definitely the fandom has accompanied the idol group in many of these memories and experiences.

BTS' Proof also brings us a look at the present and perhaps the future 

'Proof' will not only have songs that have been released before, but there will also be 3 new BTS songs that will let us see the present of the group. Its evolution so far and perhaps also a glimpse into the future. The direction that Bangtan Sonyeondan wants to take and that will continue to be bright for everyone.

We are really excited for this BTS release, 'Proof' will have a lot of great songs for ARMY, no matter when you joined the fandom, this great tour will put you on track.

 Keep reading more about BTS and Proof, here we tell you everyything about RM and his 'Proof of Inspiration', which songs did he choose for the anthology?

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