BTS Island: In The SEOM BTS Island: In The SEOM

BTS put a lot of real life elements into the virtual world of In the SEOM

For 'BTS Island: In the SEOM', the idol group really put a lot of elements of reality into the virtual world and here's the proof

ARMY has not stopped playing 'BTS Island: In the SEOM', the K-Pop group's new video game that places them in the virtual world. But this mobile game is very close to reality and here we have the proof.

BTS is a great K-Pop group, popular all over the world. There are Bangtan fans in many countries on the planet and ARMY is a true solid and strong fandom that has always shown all its love, support and admiration for its favorite idols. The fans and the boy band have made the best team.

And Bangtan Sonyeondan always wants to bring more for their fans, to show that all the love they send is reciprocated. So the idol group usually surprise ARMY with lots of gifts and content. Among them we have 'BTS Island: In the SEOM'. This is a mobile game in which we find the K-Pop group.

The Bangtan Boys built a beautiful virtual world in which fans can connect and somehow meet their favorite idols. Jungkook has actually been connecting with ARMY through this game and that's how the fans are having a lot of fun with this app.

But the best thing about 'BTS Island: In the SEOM' is that the game truly represents reality and has many elements of real life in the virtual world with BTS. ARMY already realized this, here is all the evidence.

BTS Island: In the SEOM represents the real BTS in the virtual world

Within BTS Island: In the SEOM we can find a lot of winks, references, representations and other photos, moments and videos that we have seen of BTS but in the virtual world. ARMY has found all these little items and it's pretty fun, don't you think?

Real BTS is inside this videogame | Twitter: @tanniekosmossss

Also Jimin and RM!

ARMY noticed the paralles | Twitter: @DailyJungkoook

And Jungkook boxing, OMG.

Jungkook boxing in In The Seom and in real life | Twitter: @smilingguk_

 BTS Island: In the SEOM is being a success and ARMY has not stopped playing it

BTS Island: In the SEOM already has more than 1 million downloads in the Google Play Store, it is being one of the most popular free download games. ARMY is leveling up amazingly, are there fans who are already at level 700? Wow! ARMY pro-gamer is great. Really this video game of the BTS idols is being a success.

BTS in The SEOM is a big success | Twitter: @btstaendard

We love 'BTS Island: In The Seom', are you playing this game too? It's just great, we love all the dynamics and all these references to real life.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, here we have some fun facts about 'Yet To Come', the title track from 'Proof'. 

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