BTS with Proof on Music Bank BTS with Proof on Music Bank

BTS performed at Music Bank and achieve their third victory with Yet To Come

'Yet To Come' has its third win in Music Bank, this was BTS' performance in this show

BTS continues to promote 'Proof' and 'Yet To Come', on Korean music shows we even have a performance of 'For Youth'. And this time the idol group took their third win on Music Bank.

BTS' comeback is being a success, 'Proof' has taken us back to other eras of Bangtan Sonyeondan, but without missing this moment and even having a glimpse into the future of the boy band. Well, not only have they compiled their previously released songs, but there are also 3 new tracks to enjoy.

'Yet To Come', 'Run BTS' and 'For Youth' are the new songs that BTS has brought for fans. The first of them is the title track of 'Proof' that has its official MV and with which they have been promoting in different music programs in Korea. M! Countdown is one of them where they put on a phenomenal show for ARMY.

'Yet To Come' has been shining on various music shows thanks to the amazing performance that the Bangtan Boys have put on the stage. This time they performed on Music Bank and completely wowed ARMY once again now that it is possible for the public to attend the recording set.

At Music Bank, BTS not only put on an amazing performance, they also triumphed once again by taking 3rd. victory with his title track in this comeback.

BTS achieves the third win of Yet To Come in Music Bank, this was their performance

BTS' performance with 'Yet To Come' is calm as the idol group appears before their audience and sings while sitting on some benches. In this way ARMY can better appreciate all the members, there is no choreography but the song is sung with the greatest feeling like this. This was the performance at Music Bank.

BTS was actually competing against BTS for first place as the other song nominated for the win was 'Butter', LOL, but obviously 'Yet To Come' took their third win in this South Korean music show.


On which shows did BTS achieve their first and second wins with Yet To Come?

The first win of 'Yet To Come', BTS achieved it in Show Champion, although in this program they didn't even do a performance but they did it. And the second win came with the presentation of him in 'M! Countdown', this is how the idol group continues to accumulate wins and surely Music Bank won't be the last.

We are sure that the victories will continue to pile up for BTS, we will continue to enjoy more of their songs and performances soon.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, or about the effect that their 'hiatus' had on he market, the group has a great influence even outside music. 

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