Why ARMY says that BTS Paved The Way? Why ARMY says that BTS Paved The Way?

BTS paved the way? Get to know the meaning of this phrase

Have you ever heard or read the phrase ‘BTS Paved The Way’? Here’s its meaning and why it’s important for ARMY

Nowadays, BTS is one of the most successful groups around the world, but its popularity and fame didn’t come about overnight, and ARMY knows it, so how BTS paved the way?

As you might know, BTS is one of the most popular K-Pop bands all around the world, with a lot of its songs, amazing performances, the personality, visuals of its members and much more, this boy band has conquered the planet.

There’s no place on Earth where we can’t find any Bangtan Sonyeondan’s fan, its fandom is truly big, and it shows every time, there’s no record that represents a big challenge for BTS and ARMY. Their teamwork is simply incredible and full of love and support.

That’s why every person in the world knows a little bit about Bangtan Boys, the idol group is well-known and recognized; and even if fame and popularity bring a lot of good things, they might give some negative comments or critics too.

Sometimes, ARMY has beef with some antis, and they get mad when the fandom says ‘BTS Paved The Way’, what’s the meaning of this phrase?

What does 'BTS paved the way' mean?

BTS Paved The Way is a phrase that ARMY uses a lot, its meaning comes from success that the boy band has gained over the years and all around the world; Bangtan Sonyeondan is the first south korean group to be this big and famous, and the group has brought the attention of the international public to K-Pop and to more bands from South Korea.

That’s what fans tend to say with this phrase, that BTS broke a lot of limits, and caught the attention of non K-Pop fans who are now interested in the music and more bands thanks to the popularity of Bangtan.

This is why BTS paved the way according to ARMY | Twitter: @fiImjeon

This phrase might also be interpreted as BTS built its own way, since it’s hard for a lot of foreing artists to be this popular, even when they sing in a different language than those who are spoken by a bigger number of people, they managed to captivate a lot of fans. And it was hard for them to achieve every goal in their story.

Is there any proof to say that BTS Paved The Way?

Sincerely, if we look at a lot of statistics and acknowledgments, we might see a clear ‘before and after’ of BTS impact on the worldwide music industry, in the past we could see another stars being really popular around the planet, like PSY, G-Dragon or CL; but they didn’t turned into a big phenomena as Bangtan did.

Fans keep analyzing charts like Billboard, Oricon, and many other relevant lists on the music industry where we used to find BTS with many other popular artists, like Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber; and as the time goes on, we tend to see more K-Pop artists on the same list. Here 's an example.

K-Pop groups’ popularity grew over the years thanks to BTS | Twitter: @headlineplanet

Here’s how after the BTS’ impact, a lot of K-Pop bands like SEVENTEEN, TXT, EXO and more gained more popularity and appeared on the first places of different lists on music industry, maybe it’s a good proof to see that somehow, BTS paved the way for K-Pop and south korean culture; but it also shows that every idol group puts its own effort to shine all around the world.

Maybe, BTS just caught the attention of fans, but the talent of them and many other idols is what makes people stay and support every boy band or girl group.

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