BTS for 'Proof' BTS for 'Proof'

BTS' new album 'Proof' has been leaked, ARMY is taking actions to protect the group

BTS is coming back with the anthology album 'Proof'. The album has been leaked and the fanatics a working to protect the group.

BTS will celebrate its anniversary pretty soon. The journey of these 7 Idols has been difficult to their way to the top of the global music industry. The members and the fanatics are getting ready for the celebration.

Almost at the same time, the group will be releasing its first anthology album. 'Proof' will include the greatest hits of Bangtan. The members decide to include some of the most important and meaningful solo tracks they have dropped.

BTS for 'Proof' / Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

In addition, the public has high expectations for the new three songs to be revealed on June 10th. The anticipated title single "Yet To Come" for sure will dominate all the charts.

However, not everything is perfect. Recently, a social media user posted photos of the album before its release. Don't worry, the fandom is already taking care of this issue.

ARMY protects the upcoming BTS album "Proof".

On June 4th a Twitter user posted an unboxing video of the new BTS album "Proof". Its release will be on June 10, however, this person said he/she received it early with no explanation. The user revealed a video and some pictures of the album.

'Proof' leaked pictures / Twitter @_mygs_

There is no certitude that the album of the video is real but the pictures look quite realistic. Immediately, the ARMY from all over the world started to report the account.

The fans are worried because if the situation is real, the person could be leaked the music of the album as well. Meanwhile, the fandom is asking not to spread the video.

BTS is famous for having maybe the bigger fandom in the world. That is not all, at the same time, the fans are very loyal and they are always ready to protect the members.

What do you think about it?

Check everything about the concept 'Proof' here. The new concept video is really interesting.

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