Would BTS members be jelous boyfriends? Would BTS members be jelous boyfriends?

BTS members show their most jealous side, how would they be as boyfriends?

How jealous would the members of BTS be with their partners? This dynamic showed how good boyfriends the idols of the group would be

Wouldn't it be great to be the partner of one of the members of BTS? Surely it's a dream for ARMY, but would you go out with them despite their jealousy? This time they showed how jealous they would be as boyfriends.

There are a lot of things that we can appreciate about the members of BTS, first of all there are their magnificent talents as singers, rappers, dancers, composers and producers. They are extremely passionate and dedicated to their work in music and it is visible in every comeback.

We also have the personalities of the idols of Bangtan Sonyeondan, those that we can appreciate in extra content such as behind the scenes, interviews, vlogs, variety programs, even social networks where they capture all of their good hearts, values, hobbies, interests and others with what they let us see their true way of being.

And last but not least, we have the physical characteristics of the members of Bangtan, these idols are really attractive, their beauty is amazing and sometimes it is the first thing that catches the attention of many fans. ARMY definitely dreams of having a boyfriend like one of the idols in the group. Or actually date one of them.

Can you imagine what the members of BTS would be like as boyfriends? In a recent dynamic they showed what they would be like, but their jealousy was also showed.

Are BTS members jealous? This is how these idols would be as boyfriends

For BTS' MBTI Lab show, they were asked the following: 'My partner helps a friend peel a perilla leaf when I'm there too. Is it okay or not?' And the responses of the idols were a bit... Maybe they showed their jealousy, this is how the Bangtan members would be as boyfriends, would they let their partner help a friend? This is how they analyzed it.

RM: That's crossing the line.
Jin: Right? If anyone has a problem doing it, then my partner could help.
Suga: And what if they take noodles out of the plate for the friend?
JK: That's fine, but the perilla leaf is not (...) They peel a perilla leaf. Next thing you know, they're holding hands
JK & V: And they fall in love!
JK: And they end up getting married!


It seems that the most jealous of all would be Jungkook, LOL, because he thinks his partner could end up marrying someone who needs help with a goatee blade. ARMY analyzed this, what do perilla blades have in particular? LOL. These are used to wrap the food in a Korean BBQ and eat the appetizer.

Perilla leaf | Twitter: @ARMYPeru_twt__

The kkaennip also puts BTS in a jealous dilemma 

In another question, BTS was asked 'They eat with their partner and a friend but their partner helps to separate the kkaennip from their friend. Yes or no?'. For Hobi, if there is trust in the couple, nothing happens, but Suga's response was what showed her jealous side. LOL, this was what the Bangtan rapper said.

I don't care, but if they separate it and send signals to each other... Then no! If there's a signal, then I'd think 'What's going on between you guys?'


LOL definitely jealous BTS are so much fun don't you think? Of course, we do not believe that they are toxic people, jealousy denotes one's insecurity and perhaps with the idols they have not been so great, have they? OMG, it's fun to imagine them in these situations.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, like Taehyung who has a special mural in Daegu and it'll be there for more time so fans can visit it.

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