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BTS members reveal their celebrity crush!

We have all found our prince charming in the seven idols of BTS. However, one question that everyone is curious about is that who makes their heart flutter? Keep scrolling to find out which American artists are the member’s idol type!  

  • Bangtan boys have over 40 million fans who love and adore the members.
  • With hit songs like ‘Dynamite’, the band has become a worldwide phenomenon.
  • The members also have successful solo careers and an estimated net worth of $20 million each.

BTS members have had romantic experiences during their student life. However, ever since their debut in 2013, their main priority has been their music career. But that didn’t stop them from having famous crushes.


RM and Blake Lively

The leader of the band has his eyes set on the queen of Hollywood, Blake Lively. The 26-year-old also mentioned that he found Camila Cabello really beautiful after seeing her live at an award show. 


Jin and Anne Hathaway

The eldest member of BTS looks nothing less than a prince. Therefore, his celebrity crush is none other than the princess, Anne Hathaway. Surprisingly, at another place, he also mentioned Brad Pitt as his celebrity crush. Since Jin is an aspiring actor himself, so maybe he thinks of the legendary star as a role model.


Suga and Scarlett Johansson

Min Yoongi has his heart captured by the super heroine, Scarlett Johansson. The rapper talked about how much he admired the ‘Black Widow’ star.


J-hope and Amanda Seyfried

Hoseok stated that Amanda Seyfried is his celebrity crush, which is adorable. You might recognize this actress from her role in Mamma Mia : Here We Go Again.

V and Jimin

Vmin and Rachel McAdams

The 95-liners truly are soulmates! Since both of them admire the ‘Notebook’ star, Rachel McAdams. We wonder what will happen if they fall for the same girl in real life? 


The golden maknae of BTS, Jungkook

Last but not least! Our golden maknae successfully dodged the question saying that he doesn’t remember the name of the actress. Oh well, I suppose he’s just going to leave us guessing. 

The member’s celebrity crushes do say a lot about their taste in women. What do you think about the Bangtan boy’s choice? Let us know in the comments below!

Watch the BTS members talk about their ideal types by clicking on the video below!

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