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BTS members reveal their 7 biggest flaws!

Did you know that RM can't drive? The K-Pop stars made a list with the 7 biggest self-criticisms they could find, and you will be surprised!  For instance, Jungkook thinks his biggest flaw is impatience while J-Hope believes that he has a double-sided personality. Want to know the rest? Scroll down to continue reading about it!

  • Everyone knows how to cook except for V and RM.
  • The band's rapper, Suga considers himself a lazy person, but when it comes to music, he gives his 100 percent.
  • Before his debut, Jimin thought he wouldn't make it to BTS because he found the dancing style really difficult.
  • 'Run BTS', the band's variety game show collaborated with 'The Game Caterers', the South Koreans' TV program. In the 141st episode of the show, the band members had to share their individual thoughts.

1. Jungkook considers himself impatient:

Jungkook in black

The youngest member of the band revealed

I want to do many things, but I lack patience.

It came as a shock to us as we all think that he is a flawless person. A similar reaction was given by the show's producer, Na Young Suk who said that he has always heard of Jungkook being perfect. 

Jungkook eating popcorn

The rest of the band agreed with Jungkook but added,

He is good at everything he does

The 'Euphoria' singer definitely knows how to balance his flaws with his positive points. And that makes him what we call a perfect human being!

2. Suga considers himself weak:

Suga posing for the camera

The group's rapper talked about getting tired easily.

When I’m tired on stage, I tend to control my energy… My concentration level has decreased now. Anyway, I’m physically weak. 

Despite this, Suga performs really well on stage and doesn't show his weakness.

Suga in white

However, it's impressive that he has admitted this lacking of him without any hesitation. All the members agreed to it but at the same time praised him for his countless efforts for the group.

3. Jin believes he is too simple:

Jin, the world wide handsome

The band's vocalist and the eldest member revealed an interesting fact about him. He said,

I am simple; I don’t think deeply. I tend to deal with things easily.

It's definitely a much-needed trait as overthinking leads to self-doubt and other negative thoughts. Na Young Suk and band member, Jimin, shared the same thoughts and praised him.

Jin in white

This proves that the Moon singer is an intelligent person as he lets go of his shortcomings and focus on his unmatched qualities!

4. Jimin considers himself blunt:

Jimin in blue outfit

The Filter singer revealed that bluntness is his flaw.

Often I speak bluntly.

However, V negated and mentioned that he does it only when he is stressed, which happens quite rarely.

He never makes those remarks now. Jimin is strict to himself, which made us sad. He gets stressed, then he makes blunt remarks.

Jimin on stage

The members added that they forgive Jimin for this as they all understand him. Also, they commended his efforts for self-improvement. It's lovely that they do not take things on their hearts and live peacefully. Truly, this is what makes a dream team!

5. RM considers himself immature:

RM at the photoshoot

Surprisingly, the group leader who is considered to be the most mature member revealed,  

I’m not matured enough.

 He continued,

I can’t drive. I don’t have a driver’s license. And I can’t cook well. Even if I try, I screw it up. I can’t eat seafood. I think I lack the vitality that you need in life. I personally think that I’m immature.

Well, nature has its ways to balance a person's abilities. And RM is a true example of this. Tall, rich, and talented, he has evry quality one can think of but a few small shortcomings are there to complement his high abilities.

RM in black

Jimin comforted him by saying that he can be a man he likes to be, one day. Well, everyone needs a friend like Jimin who understands you well!

6. V considers himself lazy:

V at the set of 'BE'

The second-youngest member admitted that he is lazy, but the other members had something different to add.  

When I make a decision, it takes a maximum of 2 months for me to take action. I give up exercise. I give up while making a song. If I don’t feel like doing it, I don’t do it. So, I often feel sorry for the members.

V with blue crystals under his eyes

At this, Jimin couldn't stay silent and said,

We don’t think that way, but if he thinks that way, we forgive you.

Just like other members, V's shortcomings are there to make a balanced version of him with all his positive sides. And it's relieving to know that the members comfort him at it. In the eyes of fans, V is simply amazing!

7. J-Hope's personality has shades:

J-Hope in white

The team's dance lead shared that his personality has shades.

I am bright, and I always smile when I’m outside, but I look very different at home. Maybe it’s because I laugh too much when I’m outside. At home, my face looks dull. That’s my flaw. I think the shadow behind me is growing.

However, all the members showered their compliments on him. They collectively mentioned that his flaw is being flawless. Jimin added,  

He’s too strict to himself. He is always the first one to arrive.

J-Hope looking handsome with neon background

The band's leader, RM shared that J-Hope is given nicknames such as 'God J-Hope' and 'Light J-Hope' due to his perfectionist nature. This way they tried comforting him and mentioned how precious he is!

However, the 'Daydream' singer continued by mentioning that his seriousness at home worries his parents sometimes. The fact that J-Hope is so considerate about his parents' feelings proves that he is an amazing and caring son!

BTS on the rooftop

What do you think about the members' personalities and their flaws? It's known that no one is perfect. Every human being is a balanced version of its perfections and imperfections. The same is the case with our beloved band, BTS! Let us know in the comments below!


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