BTS members are responsible citizens BTS members are responsible citizens

BTS members are responsible citizens and they show it by voting

It's election season in South Korea, so BTS' members express their own voice as citizens by voting and they share this moment with ARMY

Voting is very important and BTS know it, that's why its members show their most responsible side and share more about their activities as citizens with their fans.

BTS has a huge positive impact, the boy band has been motivating fans not only in the daily life and to face any problema, to love yourself and many other messages that we might find in their songs. These idols inspire more things inside their fandom.

That's why we can see that ARMY makes a lot of donations, fundraising, and more on behalf of Bangtan Sonyeondan, to help people who are in need and make their own idols proud since they're the ones who motivate the fandom to make such charity events and more.

And everybody knows that with great power comes great responsibility, that's why even if BTS is a very famous and popular band, they tend to give good messages, maybe they won't tell you what to do right away, but these artists want their fans to express themselves in every possible way.

And now, it's election season in South Korea, and as responsible citizens, BTS members used their right to vote and shared this moment with their fans.

BTS' RM and J-Hope use their right to vote as responsible citizens

Throught their Instagram Stories, RM and J-Hope shared that they vote used their right to vote, they showed that little stamp that is given to you when you go and vote in Korea, Hobi also added a sticker that says 'Finished voting'. That's how these BTS' members show that they're responsible citizens.

That's how RM and J-Hope take their right to vote | Instagram: @rkive and @uarmyhope

This is a very important moment, since it's the Presidential Election, BTS members know how responsible they have to be in this moment, since they're electing the one who's going to represent their country all over the world.

Taehyung attended to the Preliminary Voting Day in March 4th, 2022

Taehyung also showed its responsibility as south korean citizen, he attended to the Preliminary Voting Day yesterday, and K-Media was waiting for him outside the voting station, that's everything ARMY knew and shared it with the fandom.

Taehyung is also a responsible citizen | Twitter: @thvpdates

Now you know it, you must use your right to vote since BTS is giving a big example as responsible citizens that know everything about their rights.

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