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BTS member Jin reveals the shocking truth about his friends

Jin has millions of fans, but does he have friends he can trust? Apart from the group members of BTS, is there anyone who is there for him? Read below to find out what the singer had to say about his social circle.

  • Jin is friends with Mamamoo's Moonbyul because both of them were born in 1992.
  •  The members of BTS describe Jin as an out-going person who loves making friends. 
  •  In October 2018, he spoke about how he is still close to friends from Bosung High School.  
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The guys of BTS enjoy the status of being the biggest boy-group on the globe. After all, who wouldn't love fame and traveling to different countries? While stardom has its positives, there are struggles too. What was a major issue that Jin faced?

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'I haven't changed, but my friends find it difficult to be around me.' The star opened up in the BTS documentary in 2019. 

In the series 'Break The Silence', the singer opened up about the sacrifices he made. The friends he once loved had sadly grown apart. Due to hectic routines, they could not meet often. He spoke about how he lost a lot of friends after making it big in the industry. Watch the full episode here.

How shocking, do you think his friends deserved his company? 

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 'What makes up for it is our fans. They are the reason I make music', he continued.

Being loved by many is a blessing many celebrities overlook. The 28-year-old star is thankful to his Korean fans the most. It is due to their unconditional support that he is pursuing his dream of making music!

The star revealed he has a small circle of friends who are also K-pop idols, such as Mamamoo's Moonbyul. I'm glad that he has friends he can rely on in the industry! Don't you think they are better for him?


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In my opinion, real friends will support you no matter what you do. Jin deserves to have real friends who encourage him. The ones who left him because he became too famous are simply filled with jealousy. Which other idols do you think he is friends with? Comment below!

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