BTS for 'Proof' BTS for 'Proof'

BTS melts down ARMY's hearts with cute gifts during its first 'Yet To Come' music show

BTS performed "Yet To Come" for the first time in front of ARMY. The members prepared tons of gifts to thank the fans.

BTS is back with "Yet To Come"! As was expected the first anthology album of the groups is a whole success. Just on the first day "Proof" sold more than 2 million copies. In less than 2 hours the music video for the title single has more than 57 million views on Youtube.

Bangtan's popularity is not a joke! The Idols are receiving a lot of support and love from people of all nationalities. The singers of "Life Goes On" are always giving credit to the fans for their massive success.

BTS for 'Yet To Come' / Twitter @bts_bighit

During the previous hours of the new album release, the group was filming its first comeback performance. Jungkook said that he felt alive again because of singing in front of ARMY. To show how thankful they are they prepared various surprises for the fans who attended the event.

BTS gives meaningful presents to ARMY during Music Bank recording

On June 10th BTS pre-record its first music show to promote "Yet To Come". There were tons of fans waiting for the group at the KBS building. Music Bank was the first Tv show for the group to perform in front in front of ARMY after the pandemic.

BTS at KBS building / Twitter @BangtacosMedia

To celebrate its 9th anniversary, Bangtan gave the fans various presents. The lucky fanatics received a small pink rose bouquet, coffee, and cookies with the message "Proof" and "BTS 9th Anniversary". They got a lip balm with the inscription "ARMY" as well.

BTS present for ARMY / Twitter @BTSArmy_47

Immediately, the fans took social media to brag about their pretty presents. The sweet action of the Idols is creating opposite reactions among the fandom. Mostly, ARMY is happy to see how much the group cares about the fanatics.

ARMY's post / Twitter @kingshadowtae

On the other hand, the international fans are showing their envy of those lucky Korean fans. international ARMY wants to feel that kind of happiness as well. Are you jealous of the fanatic who received the presents?

Cookies for ARMY / Twitter @kingshadowtae

BTS' comeback with "Proof" is breaking a lot of records. Check this article to know more about it.

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