BTS shocks fans with their appearance on the 'Friends' reunion

BTS shocks fans with their appearance on the 'Friends' reunion

The cross-culture appearance of BTS in the Friends Reunion is not only exciting for the fans but for BTS itself too. RM calls it “A Dream", and we couldn't agree more. To find out more about this iconic appearance, continue reading!

  • The Friends Reunion was broadcasted on 27th May on HBO Max. 

  • RM revealed in the Ellen show that he learned English by watching Friends.

  • He picked Chandler as his favorite, while Suga picked Monica.

RM’s Story

RM with Tiny Tan via Twitter

RM, the leader of the BTS, has mentioned multiple times how he learned English by watching ‘Friends.’ According to him, there was this trend in Korea where parents would make their children watch the show with subtitles to learn the English language. Following this trend, his mother did the same, but never did he imagine being a part of the show! 

Moreover, the BTS members were previously also a  part of the ‘Ellen Show,’ where they surprised their international fans by being on the ‘Friends set.’ Furthermore, They also received Friends’ gifts from the host.

BTS' Role in the Episode

BTS in their Friends appearance

As the news of BTS’s appearance came out, it took the internet by storm in no time. Realizing the fans’ excitement led to the director of the Reunion tweeting about the role of BTS.

He tweeted:  

Ben Winston via Twitter

As the tweet suggests, BTS appeared in the Reunion giving an interview. The highlight was when the members together said that they love friends!


BTS' Comments 

RM, the group leader, commented on how this appearance for him is like a dream.

Unfortunately, the BTS members also revealed that they did not get the opportunity to talk to the Friends' cast members in person. Unfortunately, this occurred due to the shooting for the show being done during the pandemic.

Surely, it is a big moment and exciting moment for the fans of BTS and the Friends! 



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