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BTS is working for the korean tourism campaign

The biggest band of the world BTS is helping to restauring the tourism of Korea. Their goverment have created a campaing in order to work with the band.

We have seen BTS as ambassadors of too many exclusive and luxury brands. However, the guys are always trying to help their country using their gigant popularity. Before the pandemic happen, the Idols were regular faces in the promotion of Seul and, of course, Korea.

This time the K-Pop band will be introduce the korean culture while they rock the stage in Las Vegas. The Korean Tourism Organization revealed how the goup is helping, here are the datails.

BTS for Permission To Dance On Stage / By @glossminie_

BTS can stimulate the korean tourism

In order to promote the visits, the Korean Tourism Organization will be present at the Allegiant Stadium for the BTS concert Permission to Dance on Stage. The organization is going to have a stand for the korean culture promotion.  There will be hanbok, fragances and some other traditional Korean souvenirs.

Permission To Dance On Stage promotion / By @dooly_king

Because of the pandemic, Korea was full of restrictions for the citizens and the foreigners who wanted to travel into the country. Nowadays those limitations are getting eliminated, and it's time to attend the affectations. In the words of the organization:

BTS is working to detonate korean tourism

The sold-out BTS concerts in Las Vegas would be the perfect events to encourage korean tourism and eventually increase it. ARMY, are you attending the concert? Do you want to visit Korea?

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