BTS is a special group for Pdogg BTS is a special group for Pdogg

BTS is the most special group Pdogg has produced for and here's why

Pdogg is a producer, composer and lyricist who has worked for BTS for a long time and he details what is most special about the group

ARMY knows very well some of the people who have worked with BTS in the studio and Pdogg is one of them, who found something special in the group when it came to spending time with these idols.

BTS has a great history that begins even before their debut. Well, these idols began to meet and work together since they began their time as trainees for BigHit Entertainment. The first of them was RM and later the other members of the boy band arrived.

At first, Bangtan Sonyeondan would be a Hip-Hop group only, but little by little the pieces were coming together that made it a new idol group. This is why the original lineup of Bangtan could have undergone a small change but his project was headed for something even better.

Of course, the success and fame of the Bangtan Boys is the result of the great effort and work of a lot of people, not only the members of the group, but also people who write, produce, and compose for them. From its staffs, from its CEO, from many people who have made BTS something real.

And it is precisely who works with the idols of BTS who can testify more about them. Like one of its producers, Pdogg, who said what was most special about this group with which he has worked.

Pdogg reveals why BTS is the most special group he has worked with

Producer, songwriter, and lyricist Pdogg who has worked with BTS throughout their history, said that even though he has met other artists before Bangtan Sonyeondan members, they are really passionate and dedicated to music. This is what really makes them special, which is why he sees them as unique in the industry.

I had seen many artists before getting to know BTS, but I had not seen an act that really loves music this much. Every single member has a passion for music & really work hard. Even I get motivated a lot as it shows ceaseless efforts and makes great outputs

Pdogg said this about BTS | Twitter: @_BTSMoments_

 The producer also said that as he know better BTS members, he always tries to reflect them on their songs, this is why they're pretty real for fans.

To make BTS songs special, I try to include members’ feelings, thoughts and stories

Pdogg has worked with BTS throughout their history

In all BTS albums we can find Pdogg's great work as a producer, he has worked with the K-Pop group throughout its history. This is why this producer really knows the idols and knows how his songs have all the essence of each one of them.

Pdogg has worked a lot with BTS | Twitter: @charts_k

Now you know more about BTS and one of its great producers, Pdogg will surely continue by Bangtan's side for a long time to come, working with the artists and their music.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, here we tell you how the UNICEF praised the idol group and even said it was a great achievement for Korea. 

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