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BTS is the most followed Asian act on Spotify history

BTS is one of the most important artists on the streaming platforms. The group has the crown on spotify as the most followed Asin act.

No one can beat BTS records except BTS themselves. Every time the group of the members drops new music they break down their own marks on the global charts.

The group has already 6 songs that topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Just a few days ago Jimin broke a new record with the song "With You". The collaboration with Ha Sung Woon became the fastest track in history to reach No.1 on iTunes.

Bangtan has various records on Spotify as well. We are telling you everything.

BTS for 'Butter' / By @maclarmy_17

BTS is the most popular Asian artist on Spotify

At the moment BTS has more than 48.9 millions followers on Spotify, they are breaking their own mark and reaffirm their title as the Asian act with the most followers on this platform. The group has more than 36.8 millions of monthly listeners.

In December 2021, the platform revealed the most streamed artists of the world. BTS got the third place in this list just below Bad Bunny and Taylor Swift marks.

At the same time, BTS got for the second year the title of the most streamed group in the world on this platform. According to Spotify, the Korean phenomen is on No.10 on the most streamed artists in the history of this music service.

Meanwhile, the individual profiles of BTS members have great marks on the spotify as well:

BTS are the K-Pop kings on spotify! What will be the next BTS record?

Check here all the details about BTS' work out project for ARMY.

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