BTS is the king of Million Sellers BTS is the king of Million Sellers

BTS is the king of Million Sellers, how many albums have the group sold?

How many times has BTS become a Million Seller? Their album sales have put the group at the top

BTS is truly popular and their albums sell a lot of copies, it's not easy to become a Million Seller in music industry but it seems like a piece of cake for Bangtan.

The fame and popularity of BTS didn't came overnight and these idols had to work really hard to achieve all of the records they have now. It's been a long time since this group's debut in 2013, at the very beginning thay had the love of some fans in Korea, but then they got bigger and bigger.

Now, Bangtan Sonyeondan has fans all over the world and their releases are such a success for these idols. Every album, single or song that they give to the world is well received and has a lot of listeners and fans who enjoy every track the group releases.

The best thing is that Bangtan has become a sold out king, with albums, singles, special articles, merch and more. ARMY collects everything the idol group releases for them and it's just amazing how they break their own records on each comeback.

Do you know what's a Million Seller? BTS has a lot of these since the idol group sells more than 1 million albums on every comeback.

How many Million Sellers does BTS have?

BTS has a total of 10 million sellers, this means that the group has achieved more than one million sales 10 times. Most of their releases have 2 million sales, making them double Million Sellers. Bangtan is the first group with most selling albums because of this.

BTS has become a million seller 10 times | Twitter: @bts_hirous

Woah! We're sure that BTS is going to have more and more million sellers, their next comeback is close and it'll be surely a double million seller as soon as pre-sale starts.

 What is BTS' best-selling album?

'Map of the Soul: 7' is BTS' best-selling album, it was released on 2020 and it has sold over 4.7 million copies, now you know the impact of Bangtan in Korea and music industry is not a joke. We're sure that next Bangtan Sonyeondan's album is gonna break that record soon.

Map Of The Soul: 7 is BTS' best-selling album | Twitter: @BorahaearmyCH_

BTS is the king of Million Sellers, their sales are a great proof of their popularity and fame, these idols have been working hard for this!

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