BTS has a global impact BTS has a global impact

BTS is recognized by the Secretary of the United Nations due to its global impact

The popularity of BTS not only has an impact on music and this is how UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon recognized the power of the K-Pop group

BTS has given great things to Korea, as well as great pride, since the global impact of the idol group has made this country grow in different ways and the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon also recognizes the role of Bangtan in the world.

There is no doubt that BTS has managed to have an impact all over the world, their great fame and popularity have made them a great phenomenon in the music industry with fans all over the world. Perhaps there is no place or country where this K-Pop group is not known to exist.

This is why Bangtan Sonyeondan has also helped Korea in many ways, changing the planet's perception of the country, with tourism, causing foreigners to become more interested in the Korean language and culture. Among many other facts that demonstrate more of the idol group's impact.

So, the Bangtan Boys have been recognized by the authorities of their country, appointed ambassadors to the UN and in events of great importance to the Korean government they have worked together so that Bangtan has the prominence it deserves even at a cultural level.

This time, the UN Secretary-General mentioned BTS in his speech, revealing once again the importance of the idol group for South Korea at all levels.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon recognizes the positive impact of BTS on the world

Ban Ki Moon is the Secretary General of the United Nations and has lectured at Stanford University. In it, he talked about BTS and the positive impact they have on the world. How it changed Korea and now there are many more people interested in the country's language and culture. This is also how the idol group has boosted tourism.

BTS instantly sells out stadiums around the globe, has boosted the popularity of Korean language studies in far away countries & has led to entirely new generation of fans wanting to travel to Korea to explore Korean culture on a deeper level


So BTS has great importance and relevance not only in K-Pop, but also in Korean culture and tourism, a role of great importance for their country and its authorities.

BTS has been a great representative of Korea in the United Nations

Previously, BTS has served as Korea's representative at the United Nations. In different campaigns targeting youth, the idol group has taken a big part in revealing the best words for their fans and the next generations. With their music they have also added something more to their participation with the UN.

That's how big BTS's impact is, even outside of music. ARMY can only be proud that their idols have this type of recognition and are great ambassadors of Korea worldwide.

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