BTS has a great impact on UNICEF BTS has a great impact on UNICEF

BTS is praised by the executive director of UNICEF in Korea and here's why

Once again, the impact of BTS reaches the most important authorities in Korea and this time to UNICEF

BTS has a great impact even outside of music and this time the idol group was praised by the executive director of UNICEF in Korea who named them as very important in the country.

It is obvious that BTS has conquered the world with their music, but they have also changed it in some way. Today, Bangtan is a great reference in Korea and the idols of this group have even served as ambassadors of their country to other countries and important associations globally.

Bangtan Sonyeondan has a cultural and even political impact. For many in Korea, there is a before and after Bangtan in the country's history, although it might seem that this is not the case. There are great benefits that the idol group has brought to their country, not only commercially or at the level of the K-Pop industry.

The Bangtan Boys are carriers of culture, they impact tourism, the economy, and even ideals and support for campaigns thanks to their great popularity. We know that ARMY is one of the biggest K-Pop fandoms and it is evident that the fans of this boy band have good role models in the idols.

This time, even UNICEF praises BTS, with a phrase that will surely go down in history, what did the association's Korean executive director say about the idol group?

UNICEF Korea executive director names BTS country's 2nd greatest achievement of the past 60 years

Lee Key Cheol, executive director of UNICEF in Korea has mentioned BTS saying that the idol group is the country's second greatest achievement in the last 60 years, his phrase will go down in history for sure and this is because Bangtan has brought great benefits to their country.

South Korea has made two major achievements for the last 60 years. The first one was its democracy and economic development. And the second one was producing BTS

Lee Key Cheol about BTS | Twitter: @Sweetbunch07

 We love the positive impact of BTS that is not only for commercial purposes, but also to improve people's ideas and minds about important issues for tomorrow and the next generations.

BTS has worked with UNICEF on this campaign

A few years ago, BTS joined UNICEF with a major campaign against violence. 'Love Myself' was a great moment for the boy band and this great global association that works for humanity and the next generations.

BTS is an excellent K-Pop group, we really admire their work in and out of music. They are really cool. in every aspect and a big example for fans.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, here we tell you everything about their next visit to the US, they're gonna meet Joe Biden.

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