BTS has a great diversity of fans BTS has a great diversity of fans

BTS is not only a group for little girls and here's the reason why

There are those who believe that BTS is a group only for teenagers, but the truth is that this is not the case and these statistics prove it

The popularity of BTS has reached millions of people and in their fandom there are a variety of human beings who enjoy each song and performance of these idols, these statistics about Bangtan's fans will surprise you.

There are BTS fans all over the world,  they never hesitate to show all their love, support, admiration and respect for the artists that are part of this K-Pop group. It is well known that the Bangtan fandom is one of the biggest ones on the planet and that his affection is always visible.

The great success and popularity of Bangtan Sonyeondan is only thanks to its fans. For ARMY there is nothing impossible when it comes to giving their best for their favorite idols, which is why there is no record or goal that represents a real challenge for the Bangtan Boys. The fandom got BTS' back.

And although just as BTS has gained a lot of love and fans, there are also times when we find haters of the group. Those who just can't respect something because they don't like it and decide to criticize or throw negative comments at the boy band members and their fans.

One of the comments that we can read the most is that BTS is a group only for little girls, using this in a derogatory way, but the reality is another and even if they are 'little girls' or whatever they like to say, the strength of ARMY in team with Bangtan it's just awesome.

BTS' concert statistics show that the group is not only for 'little girls', this is the diversity of fans

Analyzing BTS' concert statistics we find that Bangtan Sonyeondan is not a group only for 'little girls' or teenagers, since just under 10% of buyers for ticket concerts are teenagers, the group has a great diversity on its fandom because 30% and 37% of the fans are in their 20s and 30s, respectively. And surprisingly, 18% and 4% of ARMYs are between 40 and 50 years old.

BTS has a great diversity of fans | Twitter: @mahoneysuga

 Now you know it, if someone tells you that BTS is just for little girls you can tell him that it's not true and the boy group has a lot of fans from all ages.

Where does BTS have more fans in the world?

As you might know, BTS power spreads all over the world and the fans are in different parts of the planet, there are some countries where the K-Pop group has more fans here's the list that well tell you which place is the number one.

  1. Philippines

  2. South Korea

  3. Indonesia

  4. Vietnam

  5. Thailan

  6. Malaysia

  7. Brazil

  8. U.S.

  9. Taiwan

  10. Mexico

BTS has more fans in these countries | Twitter: @printyoongi

 Is your country on this list, the fame and popularity of BTS is all over the world and the idols are happy to have a great diversity of fans.

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