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BTS is getting ready to attend the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?

BTS is getting ready to perform in Doha, Qatar. The ambassador Lee Joon Ho has revealed the plan of the group.

The hard-working members of BTS have the public already used to the best performances. Whatever big scenario it is the singer of "Dynamite" can conquer it easily. Previously we saw them making crazy the crown at the Billboard, Grammy, and American Music Awards.

These superstars have everything to create the best shows: insane choreographies, flawless vocals, and fierce raps. Also, we cannot leave without the awesome charisma of the Idols. That's why they are collecting tons of hearts all over the world.

BTS members / Twitter @bts_bighit

We are wondering what other important stage they will take to shock the globe. Well, apparently, the biggest boy group will be part of the headline to perform at the upcoming World Cup. We are telling you everything.

BTS is getting ready to perform at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

On June 10th the Korean ambassador Lee Joon Ho revealed that BTS will be performing in Doha, Qatar this year. This is part of the embassy's plans to promote Korean culture in this country.

BTS for 'Goal of the Century' / Twitter @MundoArmy_BR

Recently, the South Korean team was qualified to participate in the FIFA World Cup to start on November 21, 2022 This could indicate more Korean visitors to the host country. The embassy is hoping for even more visitors thanks BTS show.

The prestigious football tournament is the biggest event for soccer fanatics all over the world. As you may know, this is one of the most popular sports in Korea. For sure Qatar will be an interesting place to visit for Korean citizens.

This would be the second opportunity for BTS to be involved in soccer events. A few weeks ago, Bangtan was releasing its campaign "Goal of the Century" in collaboration with Hyundai. With this project, the Idols are promoting sustainability during the World Cup.

Do you want to see BTS perform at the FIFA World Cup?

Have you already watched the music video for "Yet To Come"? Here's all the information.

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