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BTS is breaking records with their unreleased new album

BTS just announced an upcoming new album. Even before the realese, they have achieve a new record.

The K-Pop sensation BTS was in Las Vegas to perform for their show "Permission To Dance On Stage". After 4 sold out concerts the group decided to revealed important information to the audience: BTS is doing a comeback

A mysterious teaser has confirmed the date, the members will be releasing a new album on June 10th. The name is still unknown, but everybody is waiting for it.

 Even though there is not too much information about their new music, the world is realizing they're already breaking records with their upcoming album.

BTS in Las Vegas / By @bts_bighit

BTS 10 year career is breaking records

According to Korean media, BTS will be the first K-Pop group ever releasing an album with all the members (the original group) that has been active in the industry for 10 years.

K-Pop is really competitive. Tons of new groups debut every year but just a few get enough sales for the subsistence of the group. That's why the 7 years curse is so hard to break.

On the other hand, it is really common to see the members of a K-Pop group leaving the band because of multiple reasons like problems with other members, the relation with the label, changes for their careers or scandals.

Meanwhile, BTS 'record it's been celebrated by the fans and the netizens as well. ARMY is happy with this record since it shows the friendship and compromise of the members.

Read more about the BTS comeback, you need to be ready.

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