BTS as Seoul ambassadors BTS as Seoul ambassadors

BTS is back as Seoul's Honorary Tourism Ambassador, this is what it has prepared

For the sixth consecutive year, BTS will be the Tourism Ambassador of Seoul, Korea. The K-Pop is getting ready to promote the city.

The Hallyu wave is not just promoting K-Pop and K-Dramas but the whole Korean culture. Thanks to the popularity of its entertainment industry, the Asiatic country is receiving tons of tourists every year. 

The government knows pretty well how important is this phenomenon for their economy. Among all the hottest Korean celebrities, who has the biggest impact to promote their country? Yes, we all know the answer: BTS.

BTS members / Twitter @bts_bighit

The singers of "Butter" are powerful influencers as well, Also, they enjoy using their massive popularity to spread around a little bit of Korean culture. They are getting ready to be the tourism ambassadors of Seoul

BTS will be Seoul's Tourism Ambassador for the sixth year

On July 18th Seoul's Tourism Organization announced that BTS will be back as honorary ambassador of the Korean capital. According to the report, there are will be many marketing activities.

Bangtan will be a campaign video pretty soon. It is the sith year we see the members as ambassadors. Previously, they gave us wonderful videos that introduce you to the beautiful city.

'See You IN Seoul' 2020 poster / Twitter @LOt7mx

The seven members are always looking to work in collaboration with the government to promote Korea. The group also will be helping to spread all over the globe the World Expo Busan 2030 with a big concert.

ARMY has high expectations about this new campaign. The previous promotional videos were awesome. We can't wait to see what the members have prepared. Would you like to visit Seoul city?

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