BTS is celebrating its 9th anniversary BTS is celebrating its 9th anniversary

BTS is all over Korea to celebrate their 9th anniversary, ARMY prepared these projects

BTS' 9th anniversary celebration has begun and Cores is full of projects that ARMY prepared for the group

In this 2022 they celebrate 9 years since the debut of BTS and the party is big, in Korea there are many projects, exhibitions and others that ARMY put there for the idols.

On June 13, 2013, BTS debuted with the song 'No More Dream' contained in the single '2 Cool 4 Skool'. Since then they have drawn attention for their rude, rebellious concept, with messages for young people. Of course, the fame and popularity of Bangtan did not happen overnight.

Since then, the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan have worked hard on their songs and performances in order to capture more and more of the public and shine with their talents. Little by little, these idols became relevant in the K-Pop industry, they achieved their first win and never remained stagnant.

The hunger to eat the world always existed and the Bangtan Boys continued with the hard work, the success would then reap its rewards and they would become the amazing K-Pop group that they are today. Which not only dominates in the Korean music industry, but also around the world.

The most successful K-Pop group is celebrating its 9th anniversary in 2022. The streets of Korea are full of BTS for all the projects that ARMY has prepared to celebrate the idol group, what do their streets look like?

Korea has a ton of BTS projects to celebrate their 9th anniversary

ARMY put up tons of banners, displays, and more on the streets of Korea to celebrate BTS' 9th anniversary. The country was filled with the group and so that the dream of their fans came true. Everyone wants to travel right now and see in person all the projects that ARMY put up for Bangtan.

ARMY had a lot of projects to celebrate BTS on their 9th anniversary | Twitter: @Myloveebusan

BTS fans are celebrating the K-Pop group as a whole and also each member of the boy band individually. Time has passed so fast, we can't believe it's already 9 years since Bangtan's debut.

On Twitter ARMY also celebrates BTS with the hashtag #9YearsWithBTS

Around the world the virtual celebration has also begun and on Twitter, ARMYs are using the hashtag #9YearsWithBTS to celebrate with the group. Fans share letters, photos, videos, fanarts, and more for this virtual party in honor of Bangtan Sonyeondan's 9th anniversary.

ARMY is using the hashtag #9YearsWithBTS | Twitter: @jeongukthejeon

So don't forget to congratulate Bangtan Sonyeondan on their ninth anniversary, we know that many more years are yet to come alongside this incredible K-Pop group.

Keep celebrating BTS with their songs, here we have some of them which will help you get to know their story better since they're full of honesty. 

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