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BTS inspires Beyond The Scene, a new art exhibit that has a charitable cause

Korean artists created BTS-inspired works for an exhibition called 'Beyond The Scene'.

BTS inspired art for a new special exhibit that will also serve to support many causes, it's 'Beyond The Scene' that brings the group's songs tor real life.

BTS is probably the most popular K-Pop group right now. Since their debut in 2013, this idol group has been working hard on their songs and performances to delight all fans who decide to join and enjoy their songs. Little by little we have seen the great growth and evolution of this boy band.

Through time, Bangtan Sonyeondan has inspired and motivated ARMY with their songs. Among the music of this boy group we can find great songs, lyrics and others that really work as an engine for their fans. Also the phrases of the members, their personalities and more experiences have inspired their followers.

But the Bangtan Boys have not only inspired their fans, but also other artists. It is well known that in the K-Pop industry there are a lot of idols who have the members of Bangtan as role models. They have really impacted the younger generations in the industry.

And this time, BTS inspired other artists who turned their songs into art, created a new exhibition called 'Beyond The Scene', and will help many good causes with the proceeds.

BTS' music becomes art for this new exhibition for a good cause, get to know more about Beyond The Scene

22 artists based in Korea bring BTS songs to real life with 'Beyond The Scene'. This art exhibition can be seen at the Total Museum of Contemporary Art, the boy band inspired with their songs to create art and all proceeds from this exhibition will be donated to environmental and human rights organizations.

Beyond The Scene | Twitter: @StillwithMochi

The art pieces are inspired by BTS lyrics, speeches, and album titles. It's amazing to see how BTS inspired these other artists to create something new.

How long will BTS' Beyond The Scene exhibition be available? 

The exhibition was placed in the Total Museum of Contemporary Art from July 1, 2022 and will be available until July 31, 2022, so if you visit Korea in the next few days, you can go see this art based on the songs of BTS. It's great to see another representation of the idol group.

Beyond The Scene will be available until July 31 | Twitter: @StillwithMochi

We all wanna see these pieces of art, we know they're amazing. Some fans have been able to visit this exhibit, it's just great.

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