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BTS' incredible journey to the Grammys 2021

The South Korean boy band BTS has been nominated for the Best Pop Duo Performance with their hit song Dynamite. The group debuted under BigHit entertainment in 2013. The company was relatively small and had to put all their effort to stand out in the pool of groups from larger companies. Learn about BTS' journey from the first time they won an award to their recent Grammys 2021 nomination below.

  • BTS debuted under BigHit entertainment with their song 'No More Dream.'
  • As a group, they have a net worth of $450 million.
  • The aboys are the most followed Korean act on Twitter, with more than 30 million followers.
  • They unlocked yet another achievement with the Grammy nomination. It wasn't easy for them to break all boundaries and reach this spot. Here's how they did it. 

BTS' first award from MTV Asia

BTS' first win for 'I Need U'

They won their first award for 'I Need U' from 'The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt1' at SBS the Show, held in Korea in 2015. They were utterly shocked, and their reaction was priceless. We found their surprised faces so funny. Only if they knew they would run out of space to store their awards soon. 

First Daesang (Grand prize) at Melon Music Awards

BTS' with their award at MMA, source: redbubble

They had their first big win at the 2016 Korean Music Awards. BTS won the Album of the Year at MMA 2016. This was a big step in their career, and they were completely in shock. Their surprised reaction was adorable.

The members cried during their acceptance speech. We might have shed a couple of tears with them too. 

BTS' success in the US

BTS with their Top Social Artist award at BBMAs

In 2017 BTS had started winning awards in the US. They won the Top Social Artist award at Billboard Music Awards in 2017. From there onwards, BTS won many awards including, MTV, iHeartRadio and Teens Choice Awards.

Mnet Asian Music Awards 2018

BTS crying at MAMA 2018

The biggest Asian Music Awards called MAMA was a significant win for the boys. In 2018 BTS won Artist of the Year at MAMA along with many awards. They revealed during their emotional acceptance speech that they were thinking of disbanding during the start of that year.

Jimin comforting J-Hope during his emotional speech at MAMA 2018

This news came as a shock to many of their fans. Thankfully BTS stayed together and conquered the world. Sometimes it feels like the world needed them. Their impact has been so significant on all of us. The members cried their hearts out during the acceptance speech at MAMA.

It was devastating to watch them cry. RM, who usually holds himself together, hid behind Jungkook to wipe some tears. They went to the stage with the biggest smiles on their faces, and soon they made the whole stadium cry with them. Our hearts shattered into a thousand pieces after watching their speech. 

Mnet Asian Music Awards 2019

Suga showing his award at MAMA 2019

BTS did not stop there. They worked hard as they promised and delivered more than what we expected. In 2019, they won all major awards at MAMA. They won every category they were nominated for. BTS proved that they are indeed the best artists out there. They truly deserve every award they have won so far.

Grammy Awards 2021

BTS presenting at Grammys 2019, source: Getty

BTS now awaits to win one last award of their American journey. The record-breaking band and their fans are optimistic about their win. We hope BTS gets what they deserve. Check out the music video of their Grammy-nominated song 'Dynamite' below!

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