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BTS in rehearsals for upcoming shows Permission To Dance On Stage

BTS will be performing at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. In the waiting, let's check the backstage rehearsals.

All of the BTS ,embers show their excitement when they have the opportunity to perform in front of the fans. In a period of almost 2 years ARMY couldn’t enjoy the band face-to-face events. But now, gradually, the world is taking the regular path and Bangtan is ready to rock the stage.

The K-Pop phenomenon already had 4 sold-out shows in Las Vegas. All the tickets for Permission To Dance On Stage were sold in less than 5 hours. The amazing achievement is not a surprise anymore. They are showing us the backstage for their concert at the Allegiant Stadium.

BTS for Permission To Dance On Stage / By @bts_bighit

BTS sharing practice video for Permission To Dance On Stage

In recent days, BTS members are constantly revealing a little bit of their days while they spend time in Las Vegas. But not everything is walks in the park and dinners with celebrities. They are showing, as well, the hard work in rehearsals.

BTS rehearsals / Instagram @uarmyhope

On April 6th J-Hope dropped a video on his personal Instagram stories. We can watch the whole band at the practice room with tons of dancers vibing to Permission To Dance. The energetic main dancer posted it with a message: "Let’s Go!!!!!! Vegas!!!!!".

Apparently, the group is excited for the shows as much as ARMY is. Allegiant Stadium is ready to attend a public of 65 000 per event. BTS shows will be taking place on april 8,9, 15 and 16.

ARMY, are you attending the show? Let us know!

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