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BTS impressed Backstreet Boys with their dance moves

The legendary band Backstreet Boys is impressed with the rich abilities of BTS when we are talking about complicated dances. Heres what they said.

One of the biggest American boy-bands is for sure Backstreet Boys. Right now the group is working together again and they are aware of the youngest artists.

The "Butter" performance at the 64th Grammys ceremony was considered as one of the best of the night. Lasers, good looking Idols and powerful choreography made everyone jaw-down. Apparently the Backstreet Boys were shocked with the spectacular show, but honestly, who didn't? This is what they have to say.

Backstreet Boys admiration for BTS

The Kelly Clarkson Show / By @carludico

Backstreet Boys is promoting their future tour. DNA World Tour 2022.  They were invited to The Kelly Clarkson Show to have a talk. Kevin was speaking about the struggles to perform a long set of songs and dancing at the same time. The host and singer Kelly Clarkson was shocked and recognized how difficult this is. Then Nick added:

Not BTS style, but we are dancing

BTS and Backstreet Boys in 2018 / By @aremoonie

It's no the first time we see the interaction of those super boybands. On twitter some years ago, Nick revealed his interest in a collaboration with the Korean group. Eventually, both bands met at backstage of the Billboards Music Awards in 2018 and took a photography for the history.

Do you want to see the bands together again? Would you like a collaboration?

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