BTS New Year's Rockin' Eve BTS New Year's Rockin' Eve

BTS has competition for the best song of 2020!

Sitting at the top of the charts is no place other than home for BTS. They come, they conquer, but don’t leave because they’re not done yet! They’ve competed against huge acts like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and The Weeknd. But now they also have to compete with BTS. Curious to know what we’re talking about? Scroll down to find out!  

  • BTS, aka Bangtan Sonyeondan, is a seven-member group from South Korea. 
  • Collectively they have a net worth of over 100 million dollars.
  • BE, their fifth studio album released on 20th November, debuted at No.1 on the Billboard 200 chart.
  • On 24th November 2020, the group received a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Duo/Group.

Who is the other BTS?

Source: @billboardcharts on Instagram

Is there a new band in town also called BTS? And are they competing against the OG BTS? By OG, I mean, Bangtan Sonyeondan. Don’t know what the new BTS stands for, but they seem to be giving the Bangtan Boys a hard time. They were also very close to blocking Bangtan’s new single ‘Life Goes On’ from debuting at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100! 

Dynamite vs Life Goes On

BTS at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2019

Haha, did we fool you? There’s only one BTS and there will only ever be one. But we weren’t lying about BTS being their own competition. Their hit summer song ‘Dynamite’ and the latest song ‘Life Goes On’ closely competed against each other on this week’s Hot 100 chart. Dynamite landed at no.3 but ‘Life Goes On’ won the race! Imagine being so successful that you end up being your own competition. Congratulations BTS, you deserve every bit of this success!

Want to know more about BTS’ successful No.1 debut? Watch the video below!

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