BTS Butter official photo BTS Butter official photo

BTS’ hair transformation for 'Butter' music video

The worldwide K-pop sensation band released its new MV 'Butter' with trendy new hair colors. Jungkook and J-hope not only changed their hairstyle but also opted for a much more vibrant color like vintage blonde. The new hair colors certainly grabbed ARMY’s attention as BTS flaunted their new styles in formal suits. Read below to find out more on BTS’ new hair colors for their 2021 comeback!

  • BTS released its comeback MV 'Butter' on 21st May 2021. 
  • The teaser pictures were released earlier on 4th May, where the members’ new looks took the internet by storm. 
  • 'Butter' has already set new records, including the fastest video on Youtube to cross 200 million views. 

BTS is known for choosing different and unique concepts for its albums. The album’s new concepts are accompanied by new looks and styles once again. The Butter MV was hence no exception!

RM’s Iconic Pink Hair

RM's hair for Butter

With RM, bringing back his iconic pink-colored hair

Jimin’s Rainbow Hair

Jimin's rainbow hair

Some fans even went as far as giving Jimin a new nickname which stemmed from his beautiful colored rainbow hair that resembles a bird, a ‘white-browed tit-warbler’, that is known for its rainbow-colored appearance. 

white-browed tit-warbler

J-Hope’s Blonde Hair 

J-hope's new blonde hair

On the other hand, J-hope’s vintage blonde hair appeals to the eye the most as we have recently seen other celebrities like Billie Eilish and Selena Gomez rocking the same hair color. 

Taehyung and Jin take on Hair Inspiration from ‘Stranger Things’

Jin's hair color for Butter

Other members like Jin and Taehyung seem to have a black, slick hairstyle that definitely complements their debut look. 

Suga Sporting Natural Black Hair

Suga's hair for Butter

Suga flaunts a dark brown hair color, which interestingly aligns with the predictions the army made for him!

Jungkook’s Violet Hair

Jungkook's Violet hair

The army is well aware of how Jungkook enjoys trying new hair colors. In fact, Jungkook debuted his hair color during the Louis Vuitton’s partnership conference, which was even before the release of the official MV.

And this time, Jungkook’s hair transition from blonde to lavish purple took the Army by surprise. Agreeing with my fellow Army members, we can not get enough of this new hair color which Jungkook is effortlessly pulling off - we can say nothing but as V stans would put: Army purples Jungkook! 

Surely, BTS never disappoints when it comes to both fashion and music!

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