BTS in Las Vegas BTS in Las Vegas

BTS had a great economic impact with its concerts in Las Vegas

The power BTS holds is amazing and the group left a big economic impact in the economy of Las Vegas

BTS held 4 concerts in Las Vegas which ARMY enjoyed a lot and these events even helped Las Vegas economy.

ARMY and BTS shared the best moments in Las Vegas, the idol group had 4 concerts in Nevada with Permission To Dance On Stage. All of the nights of these events were full of amazing moments for the group and its fandom.

Fans will never forget about Bangtan Sonyeondan and these concerts. Followers from all over the world were able to travel to the US to spend their time with the boy band and that's what made them even more special.

For the last date of PTD On  Stage In Las Vegas, Bangtan also streamed the concert online through Weverse for ARMY from all of the world could enjiy mior of this event even if they were far away from the venue.

And did you know that BTS' concerts in Las Vegas helped the economy of the place? Yeah! The profits of these eventes were amazing.

BTS helped the economy of Las Vegas with their Permission To Dance On Stage concerts

According to the information, overall BTS' economic impact with Permission To Dance On Stage In Las Vegas is estimated to be around $162 million dollars. The four concerts of the idol group in Nevada got those profits and that's how the group helped the economy of the place.

BTS in Las Vegas | Twitter: @ARMYForce_Peru

And we're not even counting the tourism and more that BTS attracted to  Las Vegas outside the concerts, they also had a pop-up store which a lot of fans visited in Nevada too!

How many people attended the BTS concerts in Las Vegas?

It was estimated that BTS concerts in Las Vegas had an attendance of over 200k people. And there were more than 400k who watched the last concert online, so that was the attendance for these Bangtan concerts.

Attendace for BTS Las Vegas concerts | Twitter; @ttokitae

That's just amazing and shows the power of BTS, the idol group could sold out at every place they have a concert, we're sure about that.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, here we tell you more about BTS Island: In the Seom, a new video game for ARMY. 

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