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BTS gives hints about the concept for upcoming song 'Yet To Come'

BTS is revealing more about the new album "Proof". What is "Yet To Come" about? ARMY is solving the puzzle. This is what they found out.

Last year BTS dropped varios singles that were focused on opening their path in the global industry. "Butter" and "Permission To Dance" are energetic songs perfect to brighten your mood. The world loved them and both topped the most important charts.

Nevertheless, this year the group is getting to its 10th anniversary and the fans are waiting for something a little bit more emotional. Bangtan's journey was not easy for sure. From a small Korean agency to their actual throne in the music is something that needs to be celebrated.

BTS members / By @bts_bighit

The upcoming album "Proof" will include three new songs: the title single "Yet To Come", "Run BTS" and "For Youth". ARMY is already trying to figure the concept out.  This is the concept for "Yet to Come".

Was the "Yet To Come" music video filmed in the Las Vegas desert?

ARMY should be considered a super smart detective as well. The fandoms is well known for its amazing power to promote -or defend when is necessary to- BTS. However, the fans are also pretty good to notice every single detail about the group.

In recent days Bangtan has been revealing some messages with the series "Proof Of Inspiration". In these videos we saw the meaning of the songs that will be included in the anthology album "Proof".

Jimin for 'Proof Of Inspiration' / By @eat_w_jin

In these clips we can see various pictures related to the desert. In Jungkook and Jimin videos we saw some pictures of the Idols and apparently they are filming something in the desert.

Jungkook for 'Proof Of Inspiration' / By @kookieJeikei

In addition, a few weeks ago when BTS was in Las Vegas for their concerts "Permission To Dance On Stage". The members revealed that they have a busy schedule in that city. ARMY thinks that back then they could have filmed the music video for "Yet To Come".

'Proof Of Inspiration' picture / By @likabunny37

Some fans are pointing at Los Angeles as the place where they filmed the music video. Previously the members shared an idea for a song "If We're Together, Even the Desert Becomes the Sea".

Did you like the desert concept for "Yet To Come"?

"Proof will be released on June 10. Read this article to know why Jungkook chose "Euphoria" and "Dimple" to be part  of the album.

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