BTS for 'Yet To Come' BTS for 'Yet To Come'

BTS gets its 9th music show trophy with 'Yet to Come', a new record is coming

BTS is unstoppable! The group is the winner of the week on M Countdown. 'Yet To Come' got its 9th trophy in music shows.

No one can beat BTS but the group itself. The K-Pop sensation has shown how powerful their music is. The singer of "Life Goes On" has broken tons of records on Billboard, iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, and more.

The group just revealed its plans to prioritize the individual schedules of the members. Even after the announcement, their latest album "Proof" is a whole success. It makes sense, the project is awesome!

BTS performing 'Yet To Come' / Twitter @bts_bighit

That's not all, the title single is also dominating the global charts. We cannot the records Bangtan is breaking in Korea. "Yet To Come" popularity is not a joke! It is collecting tons of trophies at music shows.

BTS' wins a new M Countdown trophy with Yet To Come

On June 30th were reales the latest episode of M Countdown. This week, the nominates for song of the week were Nayeon with her debut song "POP!" and BTS with Yet To Come. The winner was the boy group.

BTS is the winner of the week at M Countdown / Twitter @Army097l

This is the 9th trophy the group received with the single. Just another song has achieved this mark in 2022. "Still Life" by BIGBANG got nine wins on music shows. BTS needs just one more to break the record.

This is the third week that Bangtan gets the crown in this music show. That is not all, the group has now 161 wins. The talented Idols are the most awarded artists in the history of Korean music shows. 

For sure ARMY is already looking the next trophy. BTS and its fandom force are out of this world. Congratulation to the members!

BTS' J-Hope is ready to drop his new single "MORE". Here's everything you need to know about it.

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