BTS with Drake at BBMAs 2019

BTS fans discover shocking details in Drake's music video

The year 2018 was all about Drake's incredible song and the 'In my feelings' challenge it came with. Did you try it  too? Many celebrities, including J-Hope from BTS, hopped on the challenge to show off some of their moves. Are you curious about the connection between J-Hope's clip and Drake's music video? Read below to calm your curiosity!

  • The Bangtan Boys met Drake at the BBMAs 2019 and had the biggest fanboy moment of their lives. Check out the clip here.
  • Drake is one of the artists that the boys from BTS wish to collab with. We hope this wish is granted soon.
  • Justin Bieber and Drake complemented J-Hope's dance move under the music video of In my feelings. 
J-Hope cheerfully dancing on stage

The clip where J-Hope jumps out of the car and dances effortlessly to 'In my feelings' was beautiful sight for our eyes. The reach of BTS and their fans have been incredible for years. J-Hope was actually featured in the music video along with so many big stars. 

Did you know that J-Hope's 'In my feelings' challenge was part of the music video? No right? 2 years later and fans finally discovered this. He can be seen dancing next to Leslie Jones and Lil Duval. That's not all, Hobi's video was the most liked tweet of 2018! These boys are out of control when it comes to breaking records.

fans commenting on J-Hope featuring in the video

Fans even called the music video 'In My Feelings MV by J-Hope featuring Drake'. BTS fans are one of the funniest fandoms out there, and there's no denying that.

Honestly, we cannot stop swooning over the incredible dance moves our sunshine dropped in the video. J-Hope is very serious when it comes to dancing, and this one has to be the best challenge we've seen so far. 

fans realizing J-Hope was featured in the video

According to our findings, BTS met Drake at the BBMAs in 2019. They were the biggest fanboys ever! RM let out a little scream of excitement after meeting him. The boys couldn't stop gushing over him. J-Hope mentioned his challenge video and even said he won't be washing the hand that Drake shook.

Drake was just as sweet to the boys! He offered to host them whenever they came to Canada next. We can't wait for the boys and Drake to get together again and possibly work on some music.
Check out the music video of 'In my feelings' below, and look out for J-Hope cameo! 

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