BTS' VMA nomination BTS' VMA nomination

BTS dominates the VMAs 2022, MTV nominates the group in four categories

K-Pop artists are dominating the VMAs 2022! BTS has four nominations for the prestigious MTV event.

BTS is unstoppable! The K-Pop phenomenon has been nominated for the most important awards in the music industry. We saw them receiving trophies at the Billboard Music Awards, and American Music Awards and rocking the stage at the GRAMMYs.

Well, ARMY wants to give them even more trophies. Bangtan has already a giant prize collection. The seven singers are the most awarded group in K-Pop history. It makes sense, their talent is insane.

BTS members / Twitter @BTSquadInfo

Their new single "Yet To Come" is one of the songs with more wins at music shows in Korea. What new award will BTS receive? Maybe it will get a trophy from MTV. Here is everything about its nominations for the VMA.

BTS and more are nominated at the VMA

On July 26th MTV revealed its nomination slit for the Video Music Awards 2022. This year many K-Pop artists are nominated. Of course, the most popular group is BTS. It is nominated for Best K-Pop, Bets Metaverse Performance, Best Visual Effects, and Best Choreography.

BTS nomination for the VMAs 2022/ Twitter @MTV

Over the last few years, the group was the winner in different categories such as Group of the Year in 2021. We cannot forget the 2020 ceremony, back then BTS won all the categories the group was nominated for.

K-Pop artists dominate the awards

As you may know, recently MTV created the category Best K-Pop. So we are seeing many relevant Korean groups nominated. STRAY KIDS, ITZY, Lisa, and TWICE are included in the nominations.

SEVENTEEN nominations for the VMAs 2022 / Twitter @MTV

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN appears in other categories as well. The group might get a trophy for Best New Artist, Best K-Pop, or Push Performance of The Year. Congratulations to all these amazing artists!

You can vote for your favorite artists on the MTV official website. The ceremony will be held on August 28th. Set the date in your calendar.

BTS' J-Hope is breaking a new record on Spotify with his awesome album 'Jack In The Box'. Read more about it here.

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