What's Borahae? What's Borahae?

BTS created the word Borahae, do you know what it means?

What does Borahae mean and who created this word? If you belong to ARMY, you will know more about this word and its relationship with BTS

ARMY has many codes, signs and even words that relate to BTS, one of them is 'Borahae', what is the meaning of this word?

BTS has a great fandom, there are many proofs of this, such as their records, awards, sales, concerts, among many other statistics that show us that this idol has fans all over the world. Maybe in the entire universe, but we still don't have alien contact to prove it.

What I want to say is that Bangtan Sonyeondan is really popular, with his music and performances he has conquered a large part of the public, regardless of age, nationality, language or any other characteristic. Bangtan has become a taste of general culture, a benchmark.

Although there are many things that are still kept only for the fandom, some words, phrases, moments and others that are available only for fans who really get to know everything that the Bangtan Boys do and the meanings that they have put there for ARMY.

Do you know the word 'Borahae'? Here we will tell you what its meaning is and who was the creator of this important word for the BTS fandom.

What does Borahae mean to BTS?

The meaning of the word Borahae is 'I Purple You', it is in Korean but it has an even deeper interpretation. This word means that BTS and ARMY will love each other until the end of days. The color that was used is not only because it is the official color of the idol group, but also because it is the last color of the rainbow.

Borahae | Twitter: @MzMurder

Have you heard or read this word before? For ARMY that has been in the fandom for a long time, it is well known, but if you are a Baby ARMY, perhaps you did not know the meaning of this word.

Who created the word Borahae?

Kim Taehyung from BTS was the creator of the word 'Borahae', during Bangtan's third MUSTER it was that the idol said this word. It is usually represented by the purple heart emoji. So you know who said it first.


Now you know a little more about BTS and this important word for the group and for ARMY, isn't it a very nice word? It also has great meaning.

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