BTS Butter Photoshoot! BTS Butter Photoshoot!

BTS' complete wardrobe collection from 'Butter' videos

It's a fact that no one can beat BTS' chic and trendy style. The teaser concept videos for their upcoming single 'Butter' further confirms it. From combining Bottega Veneta's jewelry with Martine Rose boots, they are rocking the dark-shady vibe of the song in their amazing attire. Do you want to dress up like them? Don't worry, because we have got you covered! Scroll down to check out the complete wardrobe collection of the band from 'Butter' teaser videos!  

  • BTS' new English single, 'Butter', is releasing on May 21st, 2021.
  • Despite being the brand Ambassadors for Louis Vuitton, the band members styled for the teaser photos according to their own choice such as RM wore a Bottega Veneta necklace.
  • Out of all the members, J-Hope got a pair of custom-designed shoes that had 'Sub Human' written on it. 

RM's Bottega Veneta necklace and V's Martine Rose shoes:

RM's necklace and shoes
V's Martin Rose shoes

The band leader RM glamorized his all-black look with a beaded silver chain necklace from Bottega Veneta that twinkled in the bright red and blue lights. This chain is worth $440 USD.

For shoes, V and RM opted for Martine Rose. RM wore slip-on loafers which had a silver chain on them, and they cost around $525 USD while V chose Loafers Mule in Black which is worth $493 USD!

RM and V

The two members' wardrobe from the teaser clip sounds like a perfect disco-party look. So what are you waiting for? Grab RM's necklace from here and for shoes, go here, and enjoy your post-lockdown party!

Jin and Jungkook's Eytys shoes:

Jin and Jungkook's shoes

The youngest and the eldest member from the band wore high sole black shoes from Eytys' Alexis Derbys collection.

Jin and Jungkook

To grab this decent pair, click here and spend a total of $365 USD. With that, you are ready to rock your next all-black look!

J-Hope's Rick Owens DRKSHDW shoes:

J-Hope's statement shoes

The dance leader of BTS combined Rick Owens DRKSHDW SS21 Phlegethon Low Sneakers with his all-black suit and blonde hair. This statement piece has a 'SUBHUMAN' written on it when both the shoes are placed together, and it costs around $980 USD.

J-Hope posing for the camera

So are you ready to cast a spell on everyone with J-Hope's pick from the 'Butter' teaser? Buy it from here!


Suga's coat and necklace

Out of all the members, Suga went for the most expensive outfit. Well, why shouldn't he? But if you want to have the same blazer, you definitely need to save up a lot of money because the Black 1B Piercing Jewelry Blazer from JOHNLAWRENCESULLIVAN costs $1,525 USD! That's a huge sum of money but not for BTS' Suga. Because he took it to the next level and paired it up with a Sunflower Necklace from Kujaan that is worth $149 USD (grab it from here).

Suga looking the most handsome

The same necklace was worn by the band member J-Hope in the concept photos of the group's previous album release, BE. We love them sharing their items with each other!

For buying Suga's coat, click here!

Jimin's System shoes:

Jimin's System shoes

Jimin chose box-shaped metal loafers from System to complement his all-black look. His pick for the shoes is as classy as him and costs $475 USD.

Jimin in all-black

So go for these trendy loafers for your all-black look (click here to get them) and stun people with your amazing style! Which member's style are you going to steal for your night out? Let us know in the comments below and check out BTS boys vibing to the music in Butter teasers!

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