Snoop  Dog and BTS Snoop  Dog and BTS

BTS collab with Snoop Dogg has been confirmed by the rapper

BTS is working on a new album. Apparently it will include a lot of surprises.  Snoop Dog has revealed details about his collaboration with the group.

After the last show of "Permission To Dance On Stage" in Las Vegas, BTS revealed that they are coming back with a new album.

With a mysterious clip, HYBE shared the release date. We will listen to a new BTS album on June 10th. We don't have too many details yet, but the phrase "We Are Bulletproof" was mentioned. This could be the name of the album or perhaps the main single.

BTS at the "Permission To Dance On Stage" in Las Vegas / By @vminiecats

No matter if the BTS agency didn't confess anything about it, ARMY got other ways to find out the information. The fans are happy to hear some unexpected news from Snoop Dogg. We are telling you why the public is calling him "Spoiler Dogg".

Snoop Dogg confirmed a collab with BTS

At the beginning of the year the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg confessed there were plans for a collaboration with the K-Pop group BTS. In March for a short interview he confirmed the project.

I make good music, they make good music and we end up doing this.

This is what it's always about, bringing our worlds together.

On April 25, during the red carpet for the show "American Song Contest" the rapper revealed more about this song. He was asked "What's the latest with the BTS single?" His answer is making the public crazy:

You gotta talk to them, but my parts are in.

Snoop Dogg talking about BTS collab / By @2uHana

Apparently he already recorded for the single with BTS. Meanwhile the agency of the boy group hasn't confirmed this project, but it's not necessary, the world knows everything. Thanks Snoop Dogg!

For sure this track will be awesome! Are you excited?

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