BTS puts its own world vision in their songs and Mvs BTS puts its own world vision in their songs and Mvs

BTS builds its own Universe in its songs and MVs with its own world vision

What is BTS inspired by for their songs and music videos? The K-Pop group has created their own world through these

You may not have realized, but BTS' songs and MVs have more than we could interpret. The idol group has made its own Universe and worldview through the content it releases for ARMY.

There is a lot about BTS that we may not see on the surface and that is that since before the idol group had such success and popularity around the world, they were already releasing their messages, songs and videos for fans. Today his fandom is simply gigantic and that is why the words and references that Bangtan puts reach more people.

Although maybe not everyone, because if you are really ARMY and not just a casual listener, what Bangtan Sonyeondan has to say will reach you. And it is that understanding the entire universe that BTS has created around their albums, songs and music videos takes great concentration and research on the part of the fans.

It may sound difficult and abstract, but maybe that's what the Bangtan Boys want to achieve, to show that they are not just a superficial band that makes music to go viral. But with their work they want to show more of themselves, their vision of the world to leave their universe transparent for ARMY.

But if you still don't understand very well what all this 'BTS Universe' is about, here we tell you in detail how the idol group has built its own worldview and shares it with its fans through its music and MVs.

How come BTS built their own Universe? This is how they reflect their worldview in songs and MVs

When we talk about the BTS Universe, we are not only referring to the fact that many of their MVs have a connection that is part of the same story starring the members of Bangtan. It's also because of the literary and film references that idols have put into songs and MVs. Making it easier for your worldview to be reflected through your work.

Like in the WINGS album where BTS idols were inspired by Hermann Hesse's 'Demian' so that everything about that album revolved around this work. Or in 'Serendipity' where we can find lines from the movie 'The Handmaiden'. These two examples let us see how the Bangtan Boys draw on other works to create their own.

So this is how we can see how BTS has created their own universe and puts their worldview into each of their songs and MVs. Maybe ARMY should see between the lines and use a magnifying glass to find those references that may not be so easy to understand at first glance.

BTS also captures their own feelings and experiences in their songs

BTS has also revealed their fears, traumas and experiences in their songs, we can find this in songs like 'Blood, Sweat & Tears', for example, in the 'Love Yourself' series and even in the song 'Fake Love '. These have become favorites of the public but they also have an important background for BTS idols

So now you know, you can further study the songs and music videos of BTS so that you can find the clues of the Universe that the idol group has created.

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